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How many Chinese martial arts? Give me the name of

qazxcv11772010-04-13 09:10:53 +0000 #1
the more the better thanks
before call2010-04-13 09:21:51 +0000 #2
under "martial arts" 1989 10 10 000 month "routine of boxing," so named from the perspective of boxing out the boxing routine, to see the vastness of the Chinese Wushu numerous evident.

"Buddhist Holy Sin, God, a Boxer named only ghosts, Jiro boxing, Skanda boxing, boxing Monkey King, the Eight Immortals Boxing, boxing day Romania, to evil boxing, boxing six stars, which Sa boxing, King Kong Quan, Guan Yin Quan, Vaughan boxing, Buddhism, boxing, Luohan, Diamond hammer. Ershibasu boxing, four cents on boxing, boxing Seven friends, Lohan mantis boxing, boxing Yasha patrol the sea, Diamond Samadhi palm, Yasha Iron such as sand palm.

to "gate" name - and I boxing doors, hard doors boxing, boxing Famennian, Buddhism boxing, boxing Red Gate, the Fish Gate boxing, boxing Confucius, throttle boxing, boxing Watergate, fire door boxing, birds door boxing, a Buddhist Fist, narrow gate boxing, boxing the word gate, Sun doors boxing, boxing strict door. Xiong door boxing, boxing natural doors, new doors lead boxing, boxing Ocean Gate, mill door boxing, boxing, etc. Water Margin door.

to naming names - Liu Quan, Caijiaying boxing, Li Quan, Mok Ka boxing, boxing Wu family, Xuejia boxing, loyalty to boxing, Zhao Quan, Du boxing, boxing Chow, Chi-style boxing, wenjia boxing, Jia-Quan, Zou Quan, Gao Quan, QI Jia Quan, Hung Buddhist Fist, Yue tutor, bell tutoring, tutor Diao, Li tutor, tutor Zhu, Cai Lifo boxing, with boxing's Yue, Luo 3 development, Yang bunt, Hu stamp feet, Hao stamp feet, Chen Tai Chi, Yang Tai Chi Chuan, Vu Thi Tai Chi, Sun Tai Chi, Wu Tai Chi Chuan, Lin down boxing, Vu Thi 18 technology, etc..

named after - and Yan Qing Quan, Taejo boxing, Sun Bin Quan, Wuzu Boxing, Song Jiang Quan, Hoolock boxing, Zhuniang boxing, Shun Yeung boxing, boxing Dharma, Xuannv boxing, boxing Wuhou , Goro boxing, Wen-sheng, boxing, Nanzhi boxing, Wing Chun, yuewang hammer, Wu door fist child, child dragon cannon fist, Taejo scattered palm, Emperors Cannon, hole Langbein light boxing, boxing Opinions on the next book, Wu boxing handcuffs off, Wu-armed fist, Shenhangtaibao boxing, Yan Qing Qiao boxing, boxing Dharma acupuncture, Tai Pak out of the mountains boxing, Ganfeng Chi boxing, boxing Huang Xiaoxia, Yan Qing turned 18, King of 18 palm, Dharma 10 Eight hand, Sun Erniang battle boxing, boxing, etc. Wu duck legs. by naming names - Tan legs (Shandong Linqing Longtan Temple), Shaolin Boxing, Wudang boxing, boxing Emei, Kongtong boxing (five door: dragon gate, Zhuihun doors, life-threatening door, the door drunk, Boxers door), Meishan boxing, boxing Soul Mountain, Kunlun Boxing, boxing Kanto, Kansai boxing, Dragon Fist, Dengzhou boxing, Dongan boxing, boxing stone, water travel fist, palm Xiliang Taihang Yiquan, such Hongdong Tong Bei Quan.

an animal named Bruce, Snake Fist, Tiger Fist, leopard boxing, crane boxing, boxing lion, like boxing, horse fist, monkey boxing, Biao boxing, boxing dog chicken boxing, boxing duck, dragon fist, dragon fist pile, Long of boxing, OK Bruce, dragon fist, fire Bruce, Bruce Green, dragon changquan, sea dragon fist, snake tongue boxing, tiger fist , Black Tiger Fist, Blue Fist tiger, white tiger fist, marked by fist, Tiger Fist, Tiger Fist, tigers boxing, five virtual boxing, boxing eight tigers, Tigers & Boxing, boxing back to Tiger, tiger side of boxing, boxing work carefully, Hidden Mountain Tiger Fist, Five Tigers flock boxing, boxing for Labour, tigers, tigers and leopards, boxing, Tiger Crane Double Form Boxing, White Crane, Crane were boxing, Minghe boxing, flying crane boxing, boxing food crane, crane fist full, hungry crane fist, five Zuhe Yang boxing, Wing Chun White Crane, a one-man flying crane boxing, lion-shaped punch, Lion Boxing, Shi Hu boxing, two lion hold ball fist, power fist ape, ape fist, monkey fist intermixed bowed to the ground , White Ape short arm punches, white ape steal peach punch, chicken-shaped punch, duck-shaped punch, eagle boxing, boxing eagle rock eagle boxing, Thai boxing, boxing kite, kite changquan, Yan fist, palm geese, butterflies palm, cattle turtle boxing, boxing crabs, Minnesota boxing, the oriole's shelf, mandarin duck boxing, mantis boxing, hard mantis boxing, secret door mantis boxing, eight step mantis boxing, plum blossom mantis boxing, seven star mantis boxing, wrestling hand mantis boxing, Luhe mantis boxing, light board locust mantis boxing, Yuhuan Tanglangquan so.

to the daily debris named - towel boxing, boxing fan, umbrella boxing, Hua Quan, boats boxing, boxing bell, bench boxing, boxing jacket, boxing cloud broom, braces off boxing, flowers Boxing, Plum Flower, Lotus boxing, spiral punch, gate boxing, white fist, fist bottle Tang, Zhan Yi boxing, female boxing clothes, boxing three wars Tieshan, 30 Luk Hop lock.

to approach named - the insertion boxing, boxing cut, hanging boxing, boxing gear, bar-boxing, Kata, boxing wear, tear fist, turned boxing, artillery fist, palm cover, swordsman, short hand, five hand-boxing, boxing should be hand-pinch hand punch, hand punch together, sealing hand punch, hand boxing training, boxing hand bar, Pi Gua Quan, put down block punch, hit boxing, boxing through arms, killer of palm, palm against arm, the word hand, cross hands, row sub hand vancomycin hand, Huang Ying hand, eight Black Hand, Kam-eight hand, according to Yang hand, gold gunmen, Plough hand, to Sha Shou, four heavy-handed, broke up eight quick, biting hand Liuhe boxing, boxing covered hand Luhe, Jiugong capture or hand , Lohan 18 hands, 24 broken hand, 36 closed hand, 72 intervention, 36 to see counterparties.

by-step, leg named - namely, snap dark legs, Inspector legs arms and legs, with legs, stamp feet, four-step boxing, boxing six-step, eight-step boxing, training step Huan, wearing boxing step, cis-step hammer, hammer step back, step hammer block, Chung-step hammer, random eight-step, three Step frame, five-step beat, eight-step turn, dug child legs, feet sliding type, 12-step frame, six-step bulk hand, cross legs, boxing, slipped tripod child, step chain mandarin ducks, deer step plum post, eight-step chain punch , Jiugong 18 legs, Shaolin 28-step, progressive duck legs and other chain.

to lie boxing class - to lie down boxing, in-line punch, stamp feet to power, real power turned child, to power Luohan, live law Yellow Dragon Fist, to lay the Eight Immortals Boxing, King lay in boxing, Shaolin to Bruce, to power duck fist, dragon fist to lie down, roll 18 or so 9.

Drunken Master Class - Pat Sin drunk, drunk water swim, drunk sliding block, punch drunk Eight Immortals, Drunken Luohan, Wen Eight Immortals boxing, martial boxing Eight Immortals, the Eight Immortals Boxing large, mixed boxing Eight Immortals, the Eight Immortals clear boxing, Shaolin Drunken Master, the form of the Eight Immortals Boxing, Arhat boxing drunk, too drunk boxing since, Wu drunk or boxing, or boxing drunk Yan Qing, Shi Xiu drunken boxing, boxing, etc. Lu Striking the gate.

or boxing class - or flutter fist, stick or fist, Zhan Yi 18 or, Wu mixed boxing, Wu handcuffed off boxing, boxing, etc. Water Margin chain.

In addition, there are around the famous boxing: Xing Yi Quan (boxing mind Luhe), Dacheng Quan (Yi Quan), Bagua Quan, Ba Gua Zhang, Ba Ji, Luhe boxing, Charles boxing, Chinese boxing, red boxing, Boxing Day, Mian Zhang, cotton boxing, Tai Xu Quan, Jiro boxing, compassion boxing, boxing skill, the stone fist, Citylink boxing, two appearances boxing (Tai Chi fast fist), one-armed fist, crazy boxing, boxing ambush, Behind boxing, Myanmar boxing, wrapping boxing, boxing wrestle consultations, such as Sunrise palm.

famous routine equipment are: 8 Jinsuo sword, Bagua Dao, gossip big guns, Jiuzhou stick, Liuhe knives, guns Luhe, Luhe sword, Luhe stick, sun, moon and heaven and earth knife, sun, moon and heaven and earth ring, Shaolin pole 18 roll, Tai Chi sword, Tai Chi sword, River state stick, crescent gun, stick Dharma, Dharma stick, Shun Yeung sword, the Eight Immortals Shun Yeung Sword, Wudang Sword, Qingping Jian, Yuan Qingping Jian, Yang Qingping Jian, Jia Qingping sword, knife plum plum gun.
West on the eve of the King2010-04-13 09:37:17 +0000 #3
In general Statistics can not, because there are many Chinese martial arts in the evolution of civil society.



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