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Do you know what is Aikido?

Martial Arts infinite2010-04-13 10:10:14 +0000 #1
You searched online Aikido it? You have friends around to practice Aikido?
iozdii2010-04-13 10:26:51 +0000 #2
Aikido originated in Japan, and China catch the similarities, but there are very different. Although an anti-joint technology to catch, but the technique contains technology on the destruction of finger joints, and the means to take point, so in practice will focus on exercises to catch the wrist, fingers of momentum built up after a long practice, certainly will become a thick finger wrist I think that girls can not stand.

The Aikido Zeyi technology-based, emphasizing technology with force, skillfully deflected the question, is a very scientific development effort martial arts. Thus for smaller or female students with the sub.

Aikido is not hard, just learn how to mobilize the body's strength against the local enemy forces, or joint use of dead space to rival a powerful opponents do not send. This is the essence of Aikido to deduct.

This is a woman learning the art, there are a lot of men learning. Those who practice Aikido is not fighting an indisputable, self-cultivation, can improve the temperament, this is very good.

Actual combat in the aikido dojo practice can not behave according to response, must be flexible to meet the other attack defense techniques, and practice physical strength more than usual, or not be effective in actual combat aikido.

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yht91112222010-04-13 10:35:41 +0000 #3
something like that in Japan it, I was not very clear, I was training Muay Thai
lightman192010-04-13 11:28:29 +0000 #4
100-year history on a person over a combat up Legend Technical ah ........

I practiced, you want to do?
Bkhgbllk2010-04-13 11:55:42 +0000 #5
Forum Boxing Road called Aikido and Judo is the collection
Pozhu 0 blinding2010-04-13 11:52:41 +0000 #6
Japan Aikido is the use of footwork and shenfa major changes, cut into the opponents dead, destroy opponents focus on the use of joint technology and wrestling to to check the enemy. Movement routes to the main round. The technique sub-sitting and sitting two. Pay attention to use the power of rivals, leveraging on the style. Claims dealt with gently, by the King to power, do not take the initiative to attack. Aikido exercise little more suitable for girls to practice, but too much emphasis on grappling, throwing, and some action too beautiful complex, relatively simple and practical suggestions Select scouring action on the close fight in also helped.
New Yuan Jin Yu2010-04-13 11:31:27 +0000 #7
Aikido, anti-technology, multi-joint, control joint enemy, their uniforms, Small is Big.
Kungfuchen2010-04-13 12:00:18 +0000 #8
not know the Japanese devils

only know a martial arts techniques of anti-articular form.

Side did not turn out to be, but I have a Road school entrance hall, the economy does not seem to yellow



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