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Xing Yi Quan in the three-body, five elements, 12, which most health effect???

Woduibuqiniya2010-04-13 10:11:11 +0000 #1
Small frail and sickly, with regard to chronic heart and liver, not violent activities, not for fighting, but for health!!
Pozhu 0 blinding2010-04-13 10:26:11 +0000 #2
3 style, "10000 law, for the three style" which is the foundation of Xingyi Quan, training regimen can also be practiced martial. But its more stringent requirements on the pile state, more difficult, it is better to have teachers in the next guide. If only for fitness regimen, the proposed Practicing Tai Chi pile, simple and easy to practice, not easy as some power law susceptible to bias (some calling for Meridian Heavenly Circuit, convinced of the power law without teacher guidance, it is easy to go wrong ), for improving health is very helpful. Physical weak enough blood themselves, muscles weakness, should be strengthening the economy for the last.

Five Elements Fist, 12 can be shaped as a dynamic power exercise, can Shu meridians, running blood, but the practice time to slow practice prevail, physical weak blood themselves enough time to practice must not blind force, and so as to avoid pernicious to health.



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