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Fighting in the vulnerable parts

740340972777772010-04-13 10:11:22 +0000 #1
I am learning Wing Chun who knows a real war,,, 1 on the more vulnerable parts of which time beating. . I want to map ``````````` A good bonus
ghhlong2010-04-13 10:14:39 +0000 #2
map Xiangjie body that, landlord to the sub it! -


cervical carotid artery on both sides of cloth over the deadly blood vessels, nerves. Carotid artery, vagus nerve on both sides always make the distribution along the neck. Such as slash the enemy with hand outer edge of the lateral or posterior neck may compress the carotid sinus, so that the enemy serious arrhythmias and lead to heart failure. Killed in a short time.


sternum sternum is an important part of human respiratory function, fragmentation of serious blow to the sternum can cause breathing difficulties, choking, if the sternum cause alveolar rupture into the lungs of causing death.


the heart of the heart is the driving force of blood circulation organs, through the rhythmic contraction of blood vessels to promote blood flow. When the heart was severely damaged, may result in immediate death. 4, upper abdomen, stomach, liver, spleen

xiphoid torso below the navel and surrounding areas. Right upper quadrant is the liver and gallbladder, left upper quadrant stomach and spleen. Flanked by the kidneys, lower abdomen, intestines, bladder and other organs. Arrangement of these organs within the abdominal wall and the vertical pressure in the pelvis, away from the heart close, there mesenteric, neural node. Therefore, the severe blow by the external force, the internal organs due to external compression of blood vessels expand, leading to blocked blood circulation, and because abdominal parietal peritoneum nerve endings rich in feeling sensitive, people pain. Such as the liver, spleen, kidney rupture and hemorrhage, could rival the death in a short time. 5, in the abdomen, the abdomen is the navel of navel

Shenque point that was hit, it will impact the intercostal nerve, and the shock bowel, bladder and other parts of the body will fail. Serious injury when the body vitality. 6, crotch, including pubic, perineal and hip

crotch of men's vital. Even if the site is subject to attack women and children also can yield any strong man, attack crotch can easily make people lose their resistance to know what the mercy of others, can be easily deadly.


it is the human knee joint largest, most complex structure of the major lower extremity joints. From the femur, patella and proximal tibia component. Because this area exposed, and less subcutaneous fat, so if hit hard can tear or patellar ligament fragmentation, making it unstable or can not be moved to stand.


instep arch neural clouds, very little muscle. A cuboid bone and the three cuneiform bone, five metatarsal articular surface of the base of the composition. Metatarsophalangeal joint, distal metatarsal and the first section from the proximal phalanx of the composition. So under external pressure will drop out of line and dislocation. And connect the ankle and a smaller range of activities, such as hitting or screw off. Can cause ligament tear.
Jeefhardly2010-04-13 10:21:04 +0000 #3



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