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After School Tae Kwon Do Tai Chi chapter of the study what?

Liu Chang 9312232010-04-13 10:12:02 +0000 #1

only power2010-04-13 10:28:05 +0000 #2
Black Belt Tae Kwon Do not enter before the learning tai chi one to eight chapters, into the Black Belt training after the training materials as potential

Tae Kwon Do Black Belt;

『 Korea 』
Korea Taekwondo sovereign people, and then mixing the spirit of South Korea, and then shown with the movement, both Korean-style products. This type of exercise for Korea Line is to adopt "disability" shape, with the evolution of action, showing all the Korean nation Yau shape the U.S. position, and the mysteries of technology with sophisticated. The performance of this type, is mixed ancestors of the spirit of the Key Periods and slow, performance exhaustive.


King Kong King Kong in the intellectual, moral is very strong, has not strongly affected by external attacks, while the forces of injury Cave Temple Gyeongju carved at the entrance to King Kong and the world, like Hercules, revealed the King held at Mt Ding Wei Yung and of its tremendous momentum of male-like, integrated into a King Kong-type being. The attendance to line into a "mountain" type, this type more than the ignorant torn plantar e ding Du diff brew (Yamagata defense) of the action, though it looks dull, but uncertainty, and to demonstrate its strong Key Periods and used front left palm strike and other actions.


Tangun Taibai founding myth connected with the Korean myth flesh and blood, but also the root of the Korean people's spirit, Bai ancestors of the Manchu tradition of the beginning of the Korean Peninsula after the myths people's sacred mountain.

"Bai" also known as the volcano, this is D from the sun babble evolved. Bright spots, also said that the sacred and well-being and majestic, this indirectly will Baekdu spirit shown. Baekdu the Korean nation and the placenta, blood is more a symbol of the spirit I am Korean. To attend the line is "working" type, includes days, the founding myth of the significance of human body movements, with many shelves inside right wrist to left wrist side of the body defense against such action. The Bai-type points is the quick pace, even the great male Bai Li's thinking and spirit into one body.


human life from the primitive, slowly evolving civilized, in search of food, from the mountains to the plains of development, the Great Plains to human food and change the living environment, but also evoke the human desire for peaceful coexistence and dominance. The so-called plain, but surrounded by the Earth's surface to Canton to far out into Argentina, is a symbol of peace, God created the great masterpiece. Plain-shaped symbol of peace is smooth and plain unlimited basis, mixed with ground effort, and then shown through action. To attend the line, choose an infinite plain meaning of "one", their actions, to plain background, multi-step and the use of cross-strait defense. Plain the focus is on the slow performance of the power and flexibility, the boundless plain of the minds of the general revealed.

』『 10 into the evolution of the primitive belief in the longevity out of 10, that cloud, mountain, water, stone and wood, month, grass, turtle, crane, deer. The so-called decimal, that is like ten, hundred, thousand, million, gradually extending the number, the action also requires changes to the unlimited realm, to attend to line adopted the "10" character line auxiliary hand side of defense applications even within the wrist more. 10 into the type of focus is the slow nature of Participants and Key Periods, strengthening the stability of the changing nature of the action. The body of the muscles, nerves relax and coordination, and then to 10 and 10 into the longevity using the same method, real-time into the model.


All living in Taekwondo, ranging between heaven and earth to survive or grow, death, Er Shi seasonal change of wind, is also formed between the eradication of heaven and earth. That God gives us to Tae largest life office treatment and rest. What type higher than that paid close attention to Tae W Miao Di Wu then moves shown. Practitioners of the line is used for the surface point from the earth's shape, to Tae-type of action, mostly by hand for defense. To Tae type of focus, which is to force action on the slow increase in the then male participants into the earth Tae formed the spirit of great blessing. Fist 』『 day

God is the source of all things, cultivating the point, the world is completed by the end of things. Days of boxing that respected human beings God created all things, look after their relatively weak human mind and share of mystery, it is not to put into words. Boxing day type with God infinitely large, secret thoughts, practitioners carry out line, taken from the ground looking up into heaven-type movements are also a lot like an eagle with wings down the subduction type. Days of boxing with emphasis on the momentum built up in Key Periods of slow and agility of integration into the days of fist of cosmic thought.

』『 Han water is to maintain the source of all things of life, that no color nor taste, a hand to wave power is small, will produce a small ripple, but will these forces together, it will become a powerful power. Drop, drop of water slowly together, will eventually become a river, this multi-product small achievements, and dripping water into the river direct reason is that we humans should learn more than the Mei copy? Although the water is that is can not be cut off, can not be erected The softness of material, but may be by container size, showed a different shape, but the spirit of taekwondo, and adaptability of water are very similar. Han type of practitioner to line, using "water" type, although Han type of focus to soft water, but soft with just the features of this type.


Silla time as there is a monk Yuan Xiao said: "The law is bound to be many students, will destroy the skeleton body of Fuji." "God tells human beings of the Three Realms, only feel it, how to avoid got." So he's thinking of doctrine, that "an like." As: is to combine the physical and spiritual meaning. 1: that "the only means, that regardless of point, line, surface" can be combined into one. Type is used as mysterious as the principle of action and spirit to merge. Practitioners to take a symbol of Buddhism, the font line, defensive action to King Kong for the theme. As type of focus is integration and balance of such scale will be one of complete physical and mental reasons, to achieve the highest level, that theory as the idea.
Johnson_jjj2010-04-13 10:40:35 +0000 #3
Your Black Belt of the contents of the school you see next

vaginal discharge (10) - Required: Basic movement or tai chi chapter

white-yellow band (9) - Required: Tai Chi chapter (because the level of learning is to provide a longer and can not ascend to the yellow band of students, such as age, small children, because the standardization of the reasons for action not been able to rise not on the list may be granted this level but the simple present in the said hall has already This level was abolished)

Yellow Belt (8) - Required: Tai Chi, Cap

yellow, and green belt (7) - Required: Tai Chi chapters

Green Belt (6) - Required: Tai Chi chapters

Green Blue with (5) - Required: Tai Chi chapters

Blue Ribbon (4) - Required: Tai Chi chapters

blue-red band (3) - Required: Tai Chi Chapter 7

Red Belt (2) - Required: Tai Chi eight chapters

red and black belt (a) - Required: Tai Chi one to eight chapters

Black Belt (1 section / 1 items) - Required: the length of Korea to upgrade: 1 year Age: 15 years old or above, the following who is a product

Black Belt (2 / 2 pint) - Required: Diamond Upgrade length: 2 years Age: 16 years old or above, below 2 items

Black Belt (3 / 3 products) - Required : Taibai Upgrade years: 3 years Age: 18 years old or above, the following are 3 items

Black Belt (4 / 4 items) - Required: Plain Upgrade years: 4 years Age: 21 years old or above, the following persons 4 items

Black Belt (5) - Required: Upgrade to Tae years: 5 years of age: 25 years old or above

Black Belt (6) - Required: Upgrade years boxing day: 6 years Age: 30 years old or above

Black Belt (7) - Required: Han upgrade seniority: 7 years Age: 36 years old or above

Black Belt (8) - Required: As the length of upgrades: 8 years Age: 44 years old or above

Black Belt (9) - assessment by the FATF, a major contributor in Taekwondo 9 years Age: 53 years old or above

Black Belt (10) - the highest Dan Age: 60 years old or above



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