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Damo Yi Jin Jing in Kneading massage you can own?

Tyzhangh2010-04-14 11:11:50 +0000 #1
Such as the title, the text said to be children to knead, no conditions can be kneaded for ourselves it?
Pozhu 0 blinding2010-04-14 11:26:38 +0000 #2
No, "Kneading" The purpose of refining membrane.

"Ancient of the Yi Jin Jing" has pointed out: Lianqizhiyi to the gas injection at the right time gas has also spread in the muscles between the five internal organs must be Lianqi Such is Life, to make bone marrow filling, the only way to stream of germinal blood, marrow Zhuang Bone strong divine power to give birth naturally. But the bones and muscles are separated by a membrane, the membrane must be gas hopping the next step can be followed, and condensed film is much more difficult than the mixing bars, this is another practice Yi Jin Jing iron bar. In fact, many in boxing final at home to be done by mixing film and Lianqi Such is Life, which is Waijia boxing and boxing's true within the family boundaries. However, the approach is the Yi Jin Jing Lian feature film, as long as conditions are met can quickly bear fruit, which is unmatched by other methods, we can not view them as superstition. On this question, I sought had experienced TCM practitioners to possess the theoretical and material basis. In some versions, those who try to substitute their own way Tuirou methods, in addition to Shujinhuoxue effect equivalent to massage away, no use of the refined film.

"Kneading" The point is "positive air", "pneumoperitoneum" lies in the "Code of." Practice when the line power by introverted eyes SG, Zhu Yuan aside, and concentrated the interest rate adjustment, down to the air of Bruce, is the "Code of." When distractions are not really hint at the right time can be carried out "Kneading" of the. Because the essence of the human body, blood, God, gas is driven by the consciousness, meaning lines are OK, meaning only the only, so keep within the spirit, natural gas will concentrate on Tuirou between, then filling in the bone and the membrane between this film will naturally be hopping, followed by use of Mu Chu, thick trace refining mallet to force the air Such is Life, side to the right path. Because the film has been Jumping, trace and refining beat will not harm the natural bone. Which themselves Tuirou, heart has to be used by, a casual air, of course, to no avail. In accordance with the principle of yin and yang, life and death, according to the constitution of the yin and yang power line property, but also select the properties of yin and yang kind match, such as women within the vulva and yang, may, by the sun and the system of its decline; man outside in sun and shade, may, by their yin and rule their Shing, are taking the effect of Yin and Yang Chang. The Tuirou order also carried out from right to left because, according to TCM theory, hidden in the right lung and liver storing on the left and right lung qi, the left main hepatic blood is pushed from right to left Air human blood, Fang make blood gas blending, without the disadvantages of Health Zhi Ai. If you want to self-reliance, or boxing with Lianqi approach to refining membrane Lianqi Such is Life, then on sustainable consumption, if the method or the line of support poor improper abuse are many, not if the Yi Jin Jing's alone this predicament.

These are Liaoning Mr. Cao Yingfeng on the Yi Jin Jing "Kneading" of the talks, he is an expert of Yi Jin Jing, its principles and functions of law have deep insight, "Jing Wu" magazine had to make some trade tendons by topic (No. 2 of 2006), its articles can be searched online, you can get a look, there will be a great help for learning Yi Jin Jing. ^ _ ^ ... ...



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