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wwe recent plot to February 2010 in! ! Thank you

wei3943226022010-04-14 11:11:56 +0000 #1

Wind Forest Xiaoxiang2010-04-14 11:16:27 +0000 #2
# 1

Edge vs. Chris Jericho

Since the Edge in June last year after injury, Chris Jericho will be replaced with partner Big Show, followed through on the Edge is a complaint of the words ..

January 31 (U.S. time, Royal Rumble hold on) Edge is obvious that the sudden return of two of the story to come ...

Also, Jericho in the Elimination Chamber (2 month PPV, changed name No Way Out) above, won the WHC ...

According to the Wrestle Mania now finalized the case against the two men up in the WM battle for a WHC ...

# 2

Batista vs. John Cena

(Batista & Mr. McMahon vs. Bret Hart & John Cena)

as a member of SmackDown's Batista in 2 月 2 号 (周一) night scene suddenly appears in the RAW and Vince McMahon to help lock the Bret Hart, and John Cena out to rescue the Bret, Batista carried out in the next Cena vs. Sheamus the WWE championship game interfered and gave Cena a note Batista Bomb ...

the next few weeks, Cena repeatedly urged the Batista come out against him, but Batista ignored, and finally, in the Elimination Chamber on, Cena became the newly appointed WWE Champion, but Vince McMahon came out and said, Cena WM on if you want to have to beat the defending champion WWE - Batista ...

a Cena Batista gave up one of a record Spear, then went to a Batista Bomb ... to suppress three seconds ... Batista become the new WWE Champion

RAW the next day the above, Cena honored title of his predecessor, replay Terms, Vince came out and said as long as Cena won the finale of the contest, then he can and Batista at WM on against, fight WWE Championship, a result, he has to face, is to Batista.

Two of the game, Batista in dodging a few times, it makes the game altogether foul DQ, Cena won the race against the top two in the WM.

# 3

Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker

has been seeking Undertaker HBK at WM in a duel on again .. heavy as last year's WM match .. but Undertaker has always said no, but HBK lost unity in doubles After the championship belt has been unhappy ... like mad to get the opportunity to find a rematch with the Undertaker, but the qualification race in the Elimination Chamber, HBK lost to Randy Orton ...

lost participate in the Elimination Chamber HBK chaos into the WHC of the cage chamber match to the Undertaker .. a mind Sweet Chin Music, so Jericho became the World Heavyweight Champion

RAW the next day the top, HBK and Undertaker to reach an agreement, the two competitions will be conducted in the WM but they also produce their own bets - Undertaker's winning streak and HBK's career ...

# 4

Randy Orton vs. The Legacy (Cody & Ted)

Actually, between the three story naughty long enough, this time seems to be the real thing ... Cody consecutive weeks 好心办坏事 confused Orton lost the Elimination Chamber match .. even above confused Orton was suppressed by Ted out ... this week (Feb. 22) and RAW above, in a 6 man team race, Cody's behavior been active substitutions dissatisfaction Orton, eat the Orton's theory of DDT ... Ted is Orton when it is eating RKO ...

just be who and Orton against? Not yet know ... we wait and see



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