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Also on this year's Spring Festival Evening tower ditch very cow it?

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people to pay up. .
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is the eighth time this year to participate in the CCTV Spring Festival Evening, the performance program is a "public debate."

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"public debate" program combines Martial Arts "Shaolin Kids" board "jump Wu"

in 2010 CCTV Spring Festival Gala of rehearsals, a dance and martial arts ingenious combination of work, "Playing Chess" by the director and audience praise, the program has been the main actors from the seven on the CCTV Spring Festival Evening Martial Arts School in Henan less Linta ditch.

One year program innovation sad year program on the CCTV Spring Festival Evening martial arts, has for some years, Tagou Martial Arts School in the previous seven years, annual CCTV Spring Festival Evening successfully set foot on the stage, constantly come up with excellent programs, dedicated to a national audience. Outsider, communication tower for seven years on the Spring Festival Evening military school, it is fame, but in the Tower ditch Education Group chairman and head coach Liu martial arts may seem, on the CCTV Spring Festival Evening is not an easy task views, particularly innovative programs , the even more difficult. When again asked about the impact of CCTV 2010 Spring Festival Evening Liu Haike, he told reporters: "program is really difficult to do year after year, creative great difficulty to the content. However, we have touched the doorway, and understand the needs of Spring Festival Evening What kind of taste. If blindly, the result certainly did not make Chuming Tang. "

show a little more exciting adjusted Aspect
" Playing Chess "program of inspiration, the first line is drawn from Chu chess community, then drawn in Go, for martial arts classes by the CCTV program directors, planners and Tower ditch military school director who co-created several programs, Ins and Outs modify a dozen times. The main colors of clothing is the first contrasting black and white, happy and auspicious Spring Festival Evening to the atmosphere and coordination, and finally turned into a dark gray and pink.

"Public debate" is currently bullish on the audience, but the tower ditch school head coach Liu Wu Hartcourt said, "needs to be done." He said: "A director of the program's requirements are very high, side edge changes rehearsal. Had seven minutes of" public debate "is now compressed to 4 minutes and 44 seconds, making the program more exciting Aspect.

Eight stage with Teng CCTV Spring Festival Evening

created the most numerous dance classes in the program this year, the ingenious Martial Arts program, "Playing Chess", have taken up the Tiger Spring evening dance class of programming banner. Linta ditch by the martial arts school in Henan less than 80 participants and other units combined performance of "Versus" show, the traditional Chinese game of Go as the background story of the white side of the elegant Smart, Black's Tough and powerful dancers and martial arts actor in the common interpretation, the gentle. as 2008 Olympic Games opening ceremony in the Tai Chi performance of the team, which is communication towers 8 Wu consecutive school years to participate in CCTV Spring Festival Evening performances, and should have created a Spring Festival Gala of the best. rehearsals so far, "Versus" show, the audience and directed many praise, think them through diligent rehearsals, CCTV broadcast the night even better performance.
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