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How to identify the authenticity of silver flame nunchakus

songxiao521132010-04-14 13:11:34 +0000 #1

baijx13822010-04-14 13:19:54 +0000 #2
nunchuck four years I played, really, really leave nothing to the main meet is like the following:

1 : length and weight,

(1) stick around long to 28-30CM, 28 the following words is difficult to grip the area is too small to grasp, if horizontal transfer of more than 30 clubs and transportation stick to rub your tummy, and (incomplete extension arm Open sweep stick sweep not out)

(2) length 18CM about to, it is very important! The benefits of short-chain is a fast beat, like Europe and the United States are only used in extreme flow 10CM chain, but seems quite fast, but the stick work too single out, all kinds of transfer are transferred do not stick out, the stick will fly to short chain out. Chain is too long is not good 20 and 20 + Do not use, I tried, the length of the stick not only to play slow, more importantly, it is difficult to master, such as: When you want to reverse the stick, rotating the stick, or 90 degrees angle change of more than stick direction, 20CM The stick is a messy, sometimes even only with a walking stick and can not be shipped stick.

(3) Weight: (350-500) less often 300G stick, I see easily is: If you are an adult, do not use the 300G the following stick, that stick floating light, outdoor, then sometimes the wind can random blow your stick work. 300G can not be displayed below the nunchuck stick should be the fundamental physical properties! This practice is Bailian stick no matter how! ! ! Meng Lei Li of the steel nunchuck dance technique from a martial arts excel at. . .

I see is easy to stick with the 450-500G basic skills training, performance, or to study new technologies stick when the stick with the 350G. Do not the old heavy stick, sometimes a change of light stick can greatly increase stick speed, so as to achieve responsive and accurate force training purposes.
Xiangxi funeral clouy2010-04-14 13:56:31 +0000 #3
just started casually looking for the market to buy a cheap commodity and Dances, such as Lian Shu, and go buy a martial arts store material it wants to
brucejkd2010-04-14 14:30:59 +0000 #4
I am selling nunchuck, silver flame is very difficult simulation was realistic, it's working perfect.

Discerning the best solution is compared with the real thing, or a separate identification of the poor



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