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Tornado supersonic What is the ultimate punch with stunts

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Power Tyrant

shock what is the ultimate punch with stunts like Charlie Huo Ji Pioneer, under the full moon the ultimate punch with stunts: Moonlight Blood Storm
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Lolo Adventures characters unique skill and character

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a good question to add another plus: Yes, there are weapons, such as: lightning: thunder long knives; vanguard: Jingtao Shuang Ji

Question: 153615120 - Second best answer hero "lolo" This year, 11 years old, a talented gamers, he is best at playing a "war machine king" of 3D computer games. This is a battle for supremacy among the robot background of the game, lolo has won several competitions of the Games award. However, in a thunder and lightning and night, lolo is no longer a spectator of this war, a bunch of strange lightning energy will be strong

Note Ruluo Luo computer and pulling him from the real world into the "war machine king" of the virtual Inside the world, the story began.

Machine war world, there are two races of machine warriors living in the continent were, they were family of motorcyclists and beast. This is a totally dominated by mechanical beings in the world, each robot had to be good soldiers for the goal to practice with.

Relative to the motorcycle family and good character, beast tribe belligerent, aggressive and have a strong offensive. When the beast family found after defeating rivals battle to capture each other's energy, at once that this is a good quick way to enhance their combat effectiveness, so Orcs led by three World War II King's Regiment at once, madly locomotive family to launch a massive attack, much a family will locomotive ambition to annex the territories. Although ethnic violence locomotive offensive, but by no means allow the enemies of bullying the weak, they are under serious threat in the lives fought back this way, the two ethnic war broke out across the board.

This is a law of the jungle, a Dangerous World, loss of lolo first entered into it on almost his life was not guaranteed Fortunately, the city's general time lightning occurred in time to save him, the only family avoid the wild beasts to kill. Thunderbolt with lolo back next time the city, and became acquainted with the nagging showy pinwheels. The king then one of the three wars magic wild ape beast under the Forever Gold and Iron, is leading a large number of black iron mighty beast fighters toward the city time to kill. Wheel of Fortune began to turn, lolo came to this world do not know their mission is, but relying on instinct, he intuitively realized that, to help soldiers fight the enemy motorcyclists to obtain the final victory, an important condition is back to reality. So lolo using various tactics, and successfully repulsed the invading Gold and Iron beast, temporarily lifting the city's crisis time. It is the first disclosure of this innovative campaign to lolo an angle of fame, he was from that moment began to be regarded as a legend in the motorcycle soldiers to bring peace to the machine motorcyclists battle king.

But this time the enemy can be sent packing, with great luck factor, if not the current defensive situation reversed, motorcyclists die sooner or later things. Lolo refused to sit back and decided to go out with lightning and Hot Wheels to find other motorcycle tribal support, ethnic fighters only if all of the motorcycle rally together to have a chance to overcome the menacing invaders. Lolo and others on a journey, the issues of freedom fighter force Tyrant, City tornado of energy, the vanguard of the Temple month, Sheng Qi shock wave and the snow forest city of Seattle. Some Brief Encounter between them, some people fight before, in the difficult war slowly become a life or death alongside.

And lolo party against the enemy more formidable Orc King unprecedented three wars powerful locomotive soldiers need to keep practicing, keep the progress, from the brutal fighting to survive. Lolo motorcycle led soldiers and the enemy Zhouxuandaodi tenaciously, and eventually excel at combat can be restrained orc king joint attack skills. However, when they are optimistic that can comeback, the lolo's old enemy appeared destined ... ...

Jingjing is lolo students with the school, she is also a game master, a national games competition, lolo only the second, she is the first (this is lolo called his life a "disgrace"). But she controlled the robot is not a motorcycle family, but the beast tribe. Jingjing has dragon valley, the valley was opened when the fire dragon, she controls the beast of war the strongest family of God against the king Tyrannosaurus lolo.

"Beast of lolo Variety Machine Adventure" Animation is sung a total of 52 episodes. In the game, lolo and Jingjing learned a lot, they play together in the world to learn to grow together, eventually lolo and Jingjing returned to the real world.

[Edit this section] the main city motorcycle family

looks like a time the city made of glass, it is blue, but a huge castle, simple structure. Lolo said that this city is easy to attack and hard to defend, it is true, because it is completely open. It has defenders general thunderbolt fire sits, is the king lolo war machine one of the main activities, it is a military powerhouse. So by the wild beasts family attention, again and again want to take it, has been in turmoil. Because lolo credit, it is not beast family occupation, has become a lolo their unique skill base for a joint attack after practice.

This city where the majority of car-based robots, weapons in hand, can be fired artillery shells. Defenders token is hourglass-shaped, golden yellow. City

energy is the most important city motorcyclists, defense force is the highest, central missile system. Looks like a tower, surrounded by some of the same plate flying saucer, where is the defense of the place, from where the shooting down is "unjustified air superiority," as long as the token is still Santo defenders hands, beast family on can not be scored. It is the most important city motorcycle family is divided, however, because it has a huge following of energy amethyst mines amethyst is the role of energy: as long as there is a trace of life and values, it can resume immediately with the best state, who has the energy of amethyst, the other was occupied by the world.

This city where the majority of robot helicopters, weapons are behind the propeller, removable half, as a knife Lai Kan. Defenders token is round, the water blue.

It is the locomotive on the Temple family for all city where the weakest defense force, the strategic importance of the small, if not the vanguard of a fight, it will not fall so quickly. Looks like an altar in the middle is a square, outside of some houses, the color is khaki. Not because of strategic, it has been safe and sound on the Temple, is the vanguard of this guy take the initiative to tease tiger king, thus causing its destruction. More miserable on the fate of the Temple, in addition to the vanguard of escape, the other robots all motorcyclists were killed, and finally the cover of the vanguard, Santo started in the middle square hidden reserve of energy (the energy switch, once the start is tantamount to suicide), Temple of the month will be destroyed.

This city where the robots are police vehicles, weapons are the same sword as the ax is used to cut. The upper left corner is a star defenders token, the lower right corner is a crescent, is golden yellow.

Sheng Qi is not considered forest city, it is a forest, where trees are very tall and very dense. Here is famous, because hidden in the forest where red agate, can treat all kinds of trauma (eg arm).

Little robot living here, only some lovely birds machines, blast here ranger is responsible for protecting the forests and red agate. Shock wave sooner or later realize that the war was spreading here, so just out of the mountains help the force to fight Tyrant. City

snow in the snow in a city, relatively simple structure, surrounded by cliffs, vehicle is not opening up the. It should be regarded as a branch of the energy of the city, as they were originally one, then two blue poison animal provocative master, snow city of Santo then impetuous, do not listen to explain it to lead his troops retreated to a thousand miles

outside , established the city of snow.

In front of the car can not be said here, the energy of the city's robots are helicopters, then of course there's the robot aircraft - fighter. Defenders token is "m" word structure, dark blue, due to snow city and this is a city of energy, so with the energy of the city along with the token can only be opened with the possession of the dragon energy Amethyst Valley door. Here the robot combat strong (she was originally fighter aircraft), weapons are swords, flying very fast.



Wild City is a family of three World War, the king of beasts wild ape the city, not very good geographical conditions, surrounded by all dead wood and the like (inside the city is such a thing as decorations), very dark. Similar look and energy of the city is like the tower, as defense force, this should not be counted, because under normal circumstances no one would dare to play this city.

Inside the robots are iron beast, according to color grade points, the most powerful beast is Gold and Iron, followed by silver iron beast, blue iron beast, purple iron beast, green iron beast, black iron beast 〔there Leopard animal〕. Lumps can hold a rolling, fast. Defenders word token is a winding, khaki.

PS: wild ape and his men is not a robot.


is a beast family house three World War One King Tiger King city. From the name you know, it is electric-based protection. Shape structure is very close to the wild city, and very dark. Position in the top of the tower has a light ball, when critical power protection can be planted (with lightning rod can be broken). Relatively strong defense force, had to withstand the attack longer than Tiger Wang Chaoqiang time.

Inside the robots are leopard beast, which is the speed of robot is divided according to color, from the most powerful operator followed by green leopard beast, blue leopard beast, purple leopard animal, panther beast. Wang is also a leopard and tiger beast, just and powerful compared to a lot of them. Defenders token is silver white, and wild, like the city is bending the word.

This is all the souls of the city where legend most mysterious of all, because it is very powerful robot inside. Tyrannosaurus monster family God is the most powerful king of the three World War II, the men's ice wolf beast beast than the panther animal black iron much stronger. It is also very dark, the sky may not be time in the sun.

Which are ice-wolf beast robot is Dragon family. In addition to Tyrannosaurus God, there is one and the same God Tyrannosaurus robot Zilongjin animal, a relatively high level, fighting is also very strong. Defenders token is light green, and it is bending the word.

In conclusion, the locomotive ethnic city in the land, while the beast city family is in the center surrounded by lava, surrounded by magma, and the weather is poor, almost no sunny days.

He is the main character's heart and soul of locomotive - lightning. Thunderbolt is a sports car robot, his courage, integrity, sense of obligation and good friend, one with the fighting, he always run ahead, and in time of distress, lightning will never leave a friend alone escape, is Because of this, he got the respect of motorcyclists robot. Thunderbolt of the unique stunt called the "Thunderbolt half cut", in the bright moonlight night, "Thunder half cut" the power is usually several times. Thunderbolt and vanguard in close coordination with the unique skill to issue a joint attack - streaming video lightning flash, this tactic of the powerful, is one of the leaders of the Tiger family beast king killer.

Vanguard, this aircraft was originally a police robot arrogant war maniacs, he uses He is very unique skill, "shaking waves kill" kills many, the battle level up to soon, is the most brave generals on the Temple. Vanguard has a mantra: "arrogant power is needed!" However, because of his arrogance, for the month shrine called to the disaster, temple on the month to Santo, next to his soldiers perished in the Tigers all the king's army under the iron heel . Since then escaped to become the vanguard depressed, until one day he met lolo. In lolo's advice, only the vanguard of rally, and the lightning excel at a joint attack stunt - lightning flash streaming video.

Tornado, this guy likes to have your own business and love Baodabuping, if he saw someone behind the attack more than bullying or less, he will shot interference. In addition, the tornado like free, and if so he sits day and night stay in the city energy, he would be suffocated in. This guy is a meddlesome robot helicopter, and his explosive strong! As long as he resorted to the trick, "Lightning Tornado hack", it can in the shortest possible time the enemy put to death, and, after the battle, when he armed with knives, full of warrior makeup, costumes. He and soldiers to launch a joint attack ultrasound tricky move - Tianyu Dragon Dance. This move has a devastating, is the most powerful clan leader beast Tyrannosaurus God's nemesis.

Seattle's master snow is the city of Santo original energy the disciple, because there was lightning and fellow brothers and misunderstanding, so leave the city and establish its own energy to create a snow city. Years later, snow Santo swallowed their anger passed away, the city of Seattle began in charge of snow. Generation supersonic exact revenge rooted in the hearts, that he became suspicious of a proud fighting master, with Ling Duishou afraid of trick, "Po Kong Ice cut." Supersonic most frequent reply is "not weak before the strong seat." This situation with the arrival of a tornado and lolo changed. Tornado and Seattle in several Handou resolved after generation into the grievances, and became separated from the brother of death. They excel at training hard punch with stunt "Tianyu Dragon Dance."

Force Tyrant this "big man" had just had a quiet life "anti-war advocates," but since his twin brother was killed by LTTE after the king's men, single one person, he joined the lightning "anti- aggression "team. Power Tyrant is a bulldozer robot, and his strength really big! His trick is to "Tarzan meteorite fall"Listen to that name will know plenty of efforts to force Tyrant! His trick one, that is the strength of the tiger super king should awe. The mighty warrior not like to speak, he had no definite views. But he is a brave obedient soldiers, as long as lolo order, through fire and water of trouble he.

Shock wave, the peaceful character of the robot off-road vehicles live in the beautiful city of Sheng Qi forest. Sheng Qi in the forest not only the vitality of the flowers, birds and insects, there are precious red agate can be traumatic. Shock wave on the way to live alone in the Sheng Qi forest, aloof, ears do not hear out of the window. One day soldiers came to Sheng Qi force Tyrant forest, then, the fate of the shock wave was rewritten. Tyrant and the shock wave force soldiers fighting each other stimulate each other's potential, the two of them excel at the forest in the Sheng Qi's punch with powerful stunt "Polar Dust Storm." This trick can be defeated beast wars king of wild ape family. Shock wave is a robot off-road vehicles, unique skill is the "Jedi meteor hammer," as he and force Tyrant, is strength-based fighters.

Hot Wheels, compared to other robots, Hot Wheels is all children is very small, very small volume of the "Little Dot", but do not underestimate him, Hot Wheels is a motorcycle robot, he's driving all the robot speed is unmatched, so that this "Little Dot" is the best at skills - running for their lives. Even his trick "two-pedal nine-Thunder" is also a tool for escape. Hot Wheels are lolo means of transport, he and lolo always bickering, is a comedy king. Hot Wheels are heavy loyalty, if not the arm he carried the force Tyrant hundreds of kilometers away, can not recover the ability to Tyrant. City on the 2nd time is always self-styled characters, character intelligent and lively, warm and cheerful, always smart to be smart against wrong, a friend who stood aside.

Tiger King Tiger Wang's prototype is a tiger, the "Forest dignity in" crafty, ruthless. He has repeatedly framed by wild animals wild ape clan leaders, intent to wild ape into a corner. He also uses "natured trick" captured the energy of the city. His most frequent reply is: "War is a dirty game, and I was a dirty player." Tiger King of the skills are "storm clouds split", the powerful strokes, he was with the "Storm Nebula crack "wounded had lightning, power Tyrant, pioneer, is a very powerful role.

Wild orangutan, the prototype is the only wild ape gorillas. He is a typical foolhardy general, experience things that will rampage, knife gun. Tigers have been caught repeatedly in the trap set by the king. Wild ape the trick is "crazy Leijin Gang fist" might not be underestimated. Wild orangutan is a negative figure, a hero of the enemy, with the Tigers want to fight for the king as the energy of the city of Amethyst to increase their energy and ceremonies enemies from the original into the enemy, the same greed.

Tyrannosaurus tyrannosaurus God, God is the ultimate beast clan war BOSS-level king, his power is very strong, wild animals of any racial and ethnic locomotive A soldier can not defeat him alone. Tyrannosaurus God not only superior combat effectiveness, but also very cunning. He has not cost a single soldier from the Tigers, his hand grabbed the energy of the city, also made use of "natured trick" and "drive a wedge meter" cheating the city of snow token. Tyrannosaurus God's stunt was the "Dragon King Yici Yuan" and "Yun-wing the skies," he beast clan in the war machine can also be manipulated by the king of launching a "double dragon emperor Yici Yuan", super-powerful, no one locomotive family soldiers could not resist this move of the attack. But there are weaknesses Tyrannosaurus God, as long as the force issued a tornado and supersonic trick "Tianyu Dragon Dance", Tyrannosaurus God can not ward off.

Two punch stunt pioneer, lightning - lightning flash video stream - star - Tiger King

shock wave, power Tyrant - Polar Dust Storm - star - wild ape

tornadoes, Seattle - Tianyu Dragon Dance - star - Tyrannosaurus God

Thunderbolt, vanguard - Moonlight Blood Storm - the power of infinity



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