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I want to learn Tae Kwon Do

heroes 052010-04-14 15:11:20 +0000 #1
I is a high one, 16-year-old, height 178cm weight 50KG, a bit thin ... never learned before, just go with the will and the small school ah (somewhat embarrassing) side is is not to teach other martial arts ..

I am able to learn it?
miumill2010-04-14 15:26:26 +0000 #2
16 years old, not too late .... I am woman, in 2007 I am 19 years old scholarship, 163cm, 45Kg is a bit thin. . At first, all those 5-8 year old children with learning it, though seem incompatible, but the coach will be based on different physical condition, to arrange training .. but the contents are the same, are based ...

I have school for nearly 3 years .. now the blue and red belt, because the university no good nearby Museum Road, Zhi Neng Zai Xue Xiao's association in science, Suo Yi slow progress in treatment, but still exciting , met the coach who will teach, and his own perseverance, will benefit the ...

you look for Road Museum, it is best to experience the learning environment there, the coach's teaching methods, training methods so, see if right for them. There is, pay attention to the Road Museum is a prerequisite to commercial interests, and if so, then there may be a kind of "money can qualify," ... so, the right he did no good .. . real combat, there are no material material, at a glance ...

Finally, the dedication, I would say the beginning, bitter tired bored, .. are all the basic training period of several classmates and I entered the school Taekwondo Association Six months later, not to train, and has given up. Therefore, we must adhere to, and slowly will find some of the fun -

landlord if you want to exchange it, can I Baidu space M ... <Though, I am not very high ..>
7naima2010-04-14 15:58:02 +0000 #3
can learn, As long as learning points on the line when the note, regardless of age, Tae Kwon Do this thing, just look at the contents of school, take it up
_ButLer commercial, Tony2010-04-14 15:38:10 +0000 #4
Yes, there is no psychological pressure,

I was beginning high school, and

myopia It does not matter as long as the eye can not afford to sneeze on the line,

build normal!

And children with learning does not lose face, to our Road Museum you will not worry about these problems

no one because you look down on low level like you

because "we are proud Taekwondo people!"

This is our hall Training

there! Remember the idea of our Road Museum "We are a"

recommend you to my Hall Road, Hall Road, one of the top ten, "Kim Ki-Zhe Taekwondo"



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