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LI Shao-bo's infuriating to run to determine if doing breathing twice the effective

w43596666662010-04-14 23:11:01 +0000 #1
, please specify
Martial Arts infinite2010-04-14 23:20:02 +0000 #2
QITIANDASHENGL2010-04-14 23:42:31 +0000 #3
brother you count the right person, I also practice this! This is a power law, good practice with your practice is as follows

The first step: pay attention to chest the Department of breath (the navel)

1. Methods. Good practice to prepare, relax, focus on thinking, keep within the spirit, the breath at the same time, ideas tend to chest with the Department of breath.

2. Time. If you want to schedule the first step of the exercise, in time, we must have a certain arrangement. If conditions permit, then a fixed time every day practice, habit, thought more useful to stabilizing. There is no fixed time for it does not matter, as long as taking the time to grasp exercises on the line. Required daily breakfast, and evening exercises three times, each time 20 minutes. If serious operation, a week or so candidates can complete the first step of success. 3. Reaction. Practice to three to five days, the Department felt his heart heavy, and then again, when every breath, feeling a heat flow into the chest department, which is infuriating focus on performance. With infuriating the focus, give power to lay a foundation for the second step. 4. Effect. As the first few days are not used, posture is also not accurate enough, some comrades will feel dizzy, back pain, breathing is not natural, such as tongue Dibu Zhu on the palate, this is a natural phenomenon. Do not have concerns, as long as required to take some exercise will gradually better.

Step Two: Italian interest rates go hand in hand pubic trend (the pubic region)

1. Methods. When the first power to do that every breath felt his heart when the Department of fever, meaning interest rates can go hand in hand, starting from the chest department, breath attention pubic region, not be too hasty. Force generated heat is not too comfortable.

2. Time. According to the law three times a day, every 25 minutes or half an hour, about ten days can be gas Shen Dan Tian. 3. Effect. As infuriating has passed the stomach area, the spleen and stomach function has improved. Infuriating sink pubic region, the surrounding organs such as the large intestine, bladder, kidney and so the gradual physiological changes occur, generally feel appetite increased; urine abnormalities have different degrees of improvement.

The third step: keep the interest rate adjustment your breath pubic region

1. Methods. When the second step a marked feeling of power to do pubic region, you can intentionally or unintentionally, the breath stops navel. Do not get down too much attention to breath, so as not to heat too, Haoshangyinye, guilty of "strong food gas fire" of the disadvantages. Release of natural breathing, only the ideas keep the lower abdomen, with a slow fire temperature dependent. "Less angry fire," it is this meaning.

2. Time. Three times a day or a few more. More than half an hour each time. This section is to develop pubic power stage requires a longer time, a month or so you can feel the lower abdomen to enrich powerful. 3. Effect. As Ren and smooth, heart and kidney intersection, the air brisk, the mind peaceful and quiet sleep. Persons suffering from Firelight on inflammation, insomnia, and heart unhealthy people have improved. Practice continued through to the stomach to increase energy, strengthen the spleen and stomach digestion and absorption capacity, weight gain, energized, sufficient strength, increased renal function. With erectile dysfunction disease much better, women have different degrees of improvement in menstrual disorders. Kidneys strong, liver may Zi Rong. Therefore, at this stage, people with chronic hepatitis and early cirrhosis have markedly improved. Adhere to exercise, natural healing.

Fourth Step: Do not help pass the Governor not to forget the complex to 1. Methods. The third step in principle or in accordance with the operation, infuriating up along the Governor Vessel, when the power of consciousness should follow up. This is not to forget. If the line somewhere to stop, do not use the ideas to guide. This is not to help.

2. Time. The number of daily exercise may be increased, each time should be extended to 40 minutes or an hour or so. Each person's situation is different, through the Governor's time and energy as possible. Some moment it was adopted, and the power is fierce, big shock. Some people Tongdu little longer, and not much power. Most of the 10 days or so through the Governor. 3. Effect. Through the Governor, after a call into the Dan Tian really is irritating, infuriating into the mind of a smoke, but not interested in pursuing a call form Rendu minute cycle, and health industry calls this "Small Heavenly Circuit." Only in this case, be felt "fine breathing gas, an independent obey God," the actual situation. Infuriating constantly replenishing brain, the cerebral cortex of the instinctive forces increase. Any loss due Kidney essence and endocrine disorders caused by tinnitus and dizziness, insomnia, forgetfulness, backache petrified, irregular menstruation, trance, easy hi, irritability, palpitation shortness of breath, loss of libido and other neurosis-like, can be improved. Long-term adherence, can be recovered. Meridian due to practice smooth, some of the deadly disease of many years of unhealed Fok, however can also be more obvious effect. General performance as energetic, nimble body.

Fifth Step: soul Xu Li Yu life

the so-called soul, is the brain's instinctive power regulation control. Confrontation with the knowledge of God. Knowledge of God is conscious mental state. God is the soul and the body of knowledge and the use of the relationship between the soul for the body to use the knowledge of God. The fourth step has been successful through Du, keep kidney irrigation brain, soul to constantly be replenished. Heart and Spirit, mind gas on the photo in the brain, can play its full role in the regulation of control.

1. Methods. Principle, or keep the pubic region. Nita is intended to keep the site long. Through the various meridians have opened after the Governor. If the head Baihui (the navel) Department has activities in the power, you can also intended to keep overhead. To have flexibility, called "a Desire orifices, no-desire view of the best."

2. Time. Three times a day, or more more, each an hour or longer. Overall, the longer the better. About a month or so, the body can all trigger the phenomenon gradually disappeared, leaving only the pubic region pubic region and on the strength of the strong focus on the phenomenon. 3. Effect. According to the performance of the body, especially the navel and the top of the head BAIHUI magnetic force to attract each other shows the increasing power of the cerebral cortex of the instincts, strong endocrine coordination. This forces the visible color, the deeper the effort, the more obvious the lively performance on the body's physiological function of living adjustment to better and infuriating is that much more substantial and continuous compensation and strengthen the body's metabolic functions, can take advantage of the potential body power. For vitality, immunity to increase resistance to disease, and general risk factors can reduce or even avoid, the original Inveterate Problems can also be improved or recovered. Adhere to exercise, you can achieve physical and mental health, prolong life effectiveness.

Wish you a speedy success! ! Come on! !



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