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Such as title,
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Eternal Idol and spiritual support

迈克泰森迈 Ketai Sen, the youngest world boxing heavyweight champion, he surrender James Smith and Tonytank, a WBA, WBC and IBF world heavyweight champion recognized. He successfully defended his title 9 times, after February 11, 1990 Challenger, James Douglas was knocked down, broke a big upset in boxing history. Tyson was born in New York City, youth have to be a juvenile detention center, was expelled from high school. Later, CusD'Amato to get him out from the work-study schools, he saw Tyson's potential and then train him. D'Amato on Tyson's role as a father, but died in 1985. May live longer if D'Amato, Tyson will not appear until after his death, developed many of the personal, legal, and boxing on the issue, but this is only speculation can not be verified.

Mike Tyson - champion title Mike Tyson Mike Tyson said he would do best to improve the treatment of blacks, but he did not set foot in the political arena of ideas. Tyson culture is low, black literature, art and historical understanding are very vague, and he's not at all interested. Tyson's boxing area is limited to reading books and magazines. Tyson is almost academic study, his attitude to watch previous boxing films. Sometimes, Tyson for fun, watch some movies and horror movies karate video. He sometimes even see some of the children cartoons. In a race before the boxer to spend weeks, months or even years of time to brood over, fully prepared for this work of art. Tyson on the people around him, love him, said: "Boxing is a lonely sport." Obsession is not great, but there must be obsessed with the great factor. Tyson's ambition is not only to become the youngest heavyweight champion in history, but also to become the greatest champion in history.

So Tyson Boxing is not excessive considering the stage may be fatal accidents. He deserved to believe that he will not hurt: "I am great, this does not happen." His opponent's fate is destruction under his iron fist. Tyson is very conceited, he used his fist to tell what is true. He is the boxer, he was only doing her job, keep fists until it was completely beat up opponents. Conducted in 1962, a non-famous Griffith and Papert's game, was beaten leaning Wai ropes Papert, Griffith Papert able to retaliate in case of continuous play the 18 boxing, resulting in the death Papert. If the fist stage, a similar situation, not who is at fault, can only be said to be an accident. Tyson said: "into the Quan Tai, as each of you have the possibility, that is, you might die. Death will occur."

Tyson loves boxing, his fate firmly and boxing ring linked with, and perhaps can be said that he was out Quantai nothing. His creative work only in a specific period of time, only completed in the ring. Be recorded throughout the race, can be stored permanently, he is the protagonist of the stage, future generations will thus know him. Now Tyson is the champion title holder, became the public figure, no longer is an ambitious young champion challenger has. And WBA boxing champion Mike Tyson to IBF champion McCall Smith and Spinks fight, for the world heavyweight unification fight. Tyson said: "I was a kid, wanted to become famous. I want to be a character. If any man will now be famous, I am glad that person is me." However, the fame and reputation to bring the return Behind the boxers training in the audience almost cruel. Retired boxer who was chosen mainly because of fear of the harsh training, not, not risk failure, risk of injury or even die Quantai. Mike Tyson - Mike Tyson Mike Tyson boxing career in professional circles debut in March 6, 1985 in New York, Albany. He used only one council to win the game. In 1985, he had 15 games, all wins by knockout, and almost all in the first Council. In 1986 he played 12 times, an apprentice boxer rising level has been of concern, triggered the controversy over the media (and JesseFerguson game). November 22, 1986, Tyson was the first title to launch the challenge, and 特雷沃伯比克 WBC heavyweight title fight. Tyson used 2 Board in the age of 20 became the youngest heavyweight champion. Many boxing commentators Tyson rise time career compared with the young Joe Louis.

March 7, 1987, Tyson in Las Vegas, Nevada won the James'Bonecrusher'Smith their title challenge. The number of points he received no objections and added Smith's WBA title also themselves. In the media, "Tyson mania" began to spread. It is May 6 Council down to beat PinklonThomas. August 1 he took the IBF title from Tonytank to win points and become "the undisputed world heavyweight champion." In 1987 he was the only other game was in October against 1984 Olympic champion TyrellBiggs, Tyson's superb performance in the first seven technology-down end of the Board.

In 1988 Tyson had three games. January 22, he faced the older and the baggy 拉利霍姆斯 to 4 Board of technology-down end. Against him in March in Tokyo, more baggy 托尼塔布斯, race promotion and marketing efforts in the Bureau of the end of 2. His next opponent Michels Pinks was the heavyweight champion but was deprived of the title, because there is no competition and the next challenger. Many boxing fans believe that Tyson's title is "illegal" until he faced and beat Spinks. June 27, Tyson destroyed Spinks, only took 91 seconds will be their defeat. Mike Tyson - Mike Tyson in 1986 glorious - Mike Tyson became the youngest world boxing heavyweight champion, on Nov. 23, 1986 he defeated the Bo Bike, first off WBC crown. This marked the beginning of his success defending the myth of 9. Later, he surrendered James - Smith and Tony - Tucker, a WBA, WBC and IBF world heavyweight champion recognized. But soon broke up the big upset in boxing history, February 11, 1990 he was challenger James - Douglas down,

he has created his own "Tyson era" and a another miracle. Tyson's "killer" is a combination of punches in rapid succession - left hook and right hand punch, and generally is fatal. In boxing he formed a strong deterrent, has become his "kill" the other heavy weapons.

Boxing career but because of his brilliant achievements in life-indulgent, largely by the impact. In 1991, he was raping Miss Black Desire - Washington and sentenced to imprisonment. In 1995, Tyson was released on parole to return to the ring, and in March 16, 1996 the British defeated Frank - Bruno, gold belt back the WBC heavyweight title. In the same year on September 7, 109 seconds and then Kebulusi - Selden, then boarded the WBA throne.

Boxing history it came to a little known, to the same Evander - Holyfield match, Tyson first gave up the throne of WBC and then at the November 9, 1996 by Holyfield defeated, 1997 June 28 Day, Tyson WBA title to Holyfield challenge, because of dissatisfaction with each other repeatedly hug and head collision, and two angry biting the ears of opponents, the U.S. Campaign Committee has canceled a Nevada boxing matches and fined 3 million U.S. dollars license.

Mike Tyson - Mike Tyson Mike Tyson rape case in Indiana on trial, accused in the January 27, 1992 rape of a named DesireeWashington 1991, African-American Miss contest competitors. February 10 Mike Tyson was convicted of rape, imprisonment for three years. (According to Indiana law, a felony defendant to be sentenced immediately after the sentence in prison.) Findings, Tyson never play until 1995.

August 1995, his first defeat 彼得麦克里尼 Council, in December in the third beat BusterMathisJr.. March 1996, Tyson Board with three wins from the awkward Frank Bruno WBC title, regain a belt. September 1996, Tyson, Lennox Lewis 4 million U.S. dollars paid to him, "give way", with 93 seconds to win back from 布鲁斯塞尔 Teng WBA. Many people criticized the Tyson fight so inferior opponent. For example, it was pointed out that McNealy has lost three-quarters of the race. Mathis is an ordinary light attack fighter, he only became famous because of his father, also a boxer, who fought Muhammad Ali and Joe ‧ Foleijieer. Selden's first loss to Tyson and the Council to bear a lot of ridicule, as he looks for a very light blow to fall out of. Many people accused him of so afraid to give up.

Mike Tyson - Mike Tyson growth through 1978, the 12-year-old Tyson was arrested Zengyin wallet stolen. To 1979, the New York State boxing coach to teach boys, Tyson introduced to the D'Amato. D'Amato has guided Floyd Patterson won the heavyweight boxing world champion.

In 1982, he was expelled for repeatedly violating rules out the Catskill School.

In 1984, D'Amato became Tyson's legal guardian. D'Amato suffering from pneumonia in November 4, 1985 death.

February 7, 1988: U.S. actress Luo Binji with Vince married in New York.

June 17, 1988: Givens said she had been subjected to the media, Tyson abuse.

September 4, 1988: He drove a BMW car hit a tree and was injured.

August 23, 1988: His Green boxers fighting in the street and right arm.

September 30, 1988: his wife, Givens said on national television in the United States Tyson is a manic depression.

October 7, 1988: Shay Sisti out with Tyson for divorce. Tyson made a counterclaim for divorce.

October 26, 1988: Tang Jincheng for his boxing promoter.

December 12, 1988: 桑德拉米勒 allegations against Tyson, said she was dancing club in New York, Tyson insulted her.

February 14, 1989: Tyson and Givens divorced in the Dominican Republic.

April 9, 1989: Tyson in the parking lot because the manager let him move the Mercedes hit three boxing manager, because no one testified, the prosecution did not set up.

July 19, 1991: Tyson and an African American named Miss Washington went to Theissen am living in hotels.

July 22, 1991: Washington, filed a complaint to the police that Tyson raped her.

September 9, 1991: Special Jury and the other three charges of rape on the prosecution of Tyson.

September 11, 1991: Tyson to charges of rape and another three were arrested, released on bail.

January 27, 1992: Tyson rape case in the United States began to hear Marion County Superior Court.

March 26, 1992: Judge Patricia Gifford sentenced Tyson to imprisonment for 6 years.

March 25, 1995, by the commutation of the sentence from the release of Indiana youth correctional center.

November 2, 1995, his right thumb fracture.

April 1997, Turner married with his girlfriend, the same year on August 6, have a son.

July 9, 1997, Nevada Sports Commission decided, on the Mike Tyson sentenced to a fine of 3 million U.S. dollars and banned him from boxing in the United States engaged.

March 5, 1998, Tyson Manhattan court to his former agent, Don King fraud is a huge prize money and appearance fees of his to the Tang Jinsuo pay 100 million U.S. dollars.

March 11, 1998, prosecution of former agent Holloway and Horne, accusing them of deceptive tactics to trick Tyson signed an agreement to Tang Jincheng as Tyson's main broker, he asked the two Compensation of 100 million U.S. dollars.

July 10, 1998, Tyson to the New Jersey Sports Committee for boxing license.

August 13, 1998, Tyson in the New Jersey Sports Commission to decide whether the license issued to him the previous day, withdrew the application licensed in New Jersey.

August 14, 1998, Tyson Sports Committee for the Nevada boxing license.

August 31, 1998, Tyson out of a traffic accident, after 12 witnesses to testify against his beating after the accident.

October 19, 1998, Tyson received by the Nevada boxing license issued by sports committee.

February 5, 1999, Tyson because in 98 years Aug. 31 beating of traffic accidents during the period of the provisions of parole violation and was sentenced to imprisonment for 1 year plus 2 years probation to imprisonment and fined 5,000 U.S. dollars.

March 5, 1999, the Court conducted its leniency, commuted to 60 days imprisonment.

May 24, 1999 was released on parole, parole period to the end of February 2000. Mike Tyson - Mike Tyson in 2005

Battle Records 6.11 Kevin - McBride defeated Washington Round 6

7.30 2004 Danny - Williams, Louisville, Kentucky, 4th round was down


2.22 Kelifude - Ai Teni 1 Memphis, Tennessee, round defeat


6.8 Lennox - Lewis, Memphis, Tennessee, was down 8 Round (Challenge IBF and WBC titles fail)


10.16 Brian - Nelson, Copenhagen, Denmark, 7 round technical knockout


10.20 安德鲁格罗 tower AuburnHills,Mich. 3rd round technical knockout

6.24LouSavarese Glasgow 1st round technical knockout

1.29JuliusFrancis Manchester, England, 5th round technical knockout


10.23OrlinNorris Las Vegas opponents abstained

1.16 Front朗克斯伯萨 5th round knockout in Las Vegas rival


6.28 Holyfield Mike Tyson in Las Vegas 3 Round foul disqualified


11.9 Holyfield Las Vegas, 11th round by an opponent

9.7BruceSeldon Las Vegas 1 round technical knockout, was WBA heavyweight champion

3.16FrankBruno Las Vegas 3 round technical knockout, was WBC heavyweight champion


12.16BusterMathisJr. Philadelphia 3rd round knockout in Las Vegas

8.19PeterMcNeeley 1st round opponents out


6.28RazorRuddock U.S. Las Vegas 12-round points win

3.18RazorRuddock Las Vegas round technical knock out 7 opponents


12.8AlexStewart Atlantic City, United States 1

6.16HenryTillman round technical knockout in Las United States 1st Round defeat Vargas

2.11James "Buster" Douglas in Tokyo, Japan 10th round by an opponent and lost the world heavyweight title


7.21CarlWilliams the United States Atlantic City, a technical knockout 1 round opponent, the defending World heavyweight title

2.25FrankBruno Las Vegas 5 round technical knock out opponents, defending the world heavyweight title


6.22MichaelSpinks the United States Atlantic City, a technical knockout 1 round opponent, defending the world heavyweight title

3.20FrankBruno Tokyo, Japan 2 round defeat, defending the world heavyweight title

1.22LarryHolmes the United States Atlantic City, 4 technical knockout round opponent, defending the world heavyweight title

Mike Tyson in 1987

10.16 TyrellBiggs the United States Atlantic City round technical knock out 7 opponents, defending the world heavyweight title

8.1TonyTucker 12-round points victory in Las Vegas, was IBF heavyweight title

5.30PinklonThomas Las Vegas Cap 6 round technical knockout, the defending WBA / WBC heavyweight title

3.3James "Bonecrusher" Smith in Las Vegas 12-round points win, get WBA heavyweight title


9.22TrevorBerbick drag the United States Vegas 2 round technical knockout, was WBC heavyweight title

9.6AlfonsoRatliff Las Vegas Round 2 points to win

8.17PinklonThomas the United States Atlantic City, 10 round technical knockout

7.26MarvisFrazier U.S. New York, 1

7.11LorenzoBoyd round knockout round of the United States to defeat the New York 2 New York 1

6.28WilliamHosea round defeat

6.13ReggieGross New York, 1

5.20MitchGreen round technical knockout round of 10 points was New York

Mike Tyson wins 10-round points 5.3JamesTillis New York, New York won

3.10SteveZouski round to defeat No. 3 New York 6

2.16JesseFerguson round technical knockout in Atlantic City USA

1.24MikeJameson 5 round technical knockout New York rival

1.11DavidJaco round technical knockout 1


12.27MarkYoung New York 1

12.6SammyScaff round knockout 1 round knockout of New York won

11.22ConroyNelson 2nd round knockout of New York Houston won

11.13EddieRichardson round to defeat No. 1 New York 1

11.1SterlingBenjamin back to technical cooperation to defeat the United States Atlantic City

10.25RobertColay 1 round defeat

10.9DonnieLong U.S. 1 round knockout in Atlantic City Atlantic City, United States rival

9.5MikeJohnson 1 round defeat

8.15LorenzoCanady back to the United States Atlantic City, 1

7.19LarrySims technical cooperation to defeat the New York round to defeat No. 3 Atlantic City, United States

7.11JohnAlderson round technical knockout 2

6.20RickSpain Atlantic City, United States 1

5.23DonaldHalpern round to defeat the United States Atlantic City 4

4.10TrentSingleton round to defeat No. 1 in New York back to the technical cooperation to defeat the New York 1

3.6HectorMercedes back down on technical co-Mike Tyson - Tyson and retired as the challenger was on "the world's worst man" has now become no longer frightening. Beijing June 12, 2005 morning, the former world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson lost to Ireland in after the boxer Mike McBride, announced his retirement. 40 million U.S. dollars to repay the huge debt, 39-year-old Tyson has organized this game in Washington. However, there is no known face, but the young 6-year-old opponent, Tyson passive fully shown the whole game. Towards the end of Round 6 before the desperate he even used his head crashing McBride, and led to rival the top left eye tearing, but then face covered in blood Pianqiang Mike Tyson knocked Brad to the ground.

Exhausted among Tyson difficult strolled back corner of the square, sitting on the bench breathing heavily paralysis. When the referee in the past when asked about the status of Tyson, his followers expressed the intention to terminate the game. Judge therefore declared McBride with a win. Thus Tyson's career record of 50 wins 6 negative, 44 of them to defeat. But in the last 4 games, he has not been beaten well-known opponent 3. Tyson had said before, if they lose their retirement Pianqiang, and ultimately he did not go back on: "I have no other way can not fool ourselves. In order not to allow the sport to shame, now that I ( career) in the end, this is the end.

Tyson entered the professional boxing in 1985, and in 1987 became the WBA, IBF, WBC heavyweight champion three materials. However, a 1992 rape case, But it suffered a three years in prison. Tyson comeback had a minute after brilliant, but in 1996 he was bitten in the race because of his opponent Holyfield's ear has been banned for 1 year, Since then he has made no to return to the top Quan Tai, and was declared bankrupt last year. Despite losing the game, but Tyson will receive five million U.S. dollars of appearance fees, winning McBride will receive only 150 thousand U.S. dollars. However, the payment of to the agent, the IRS and his ex-wife 2.75 million U.S. dollars, the Tyson's income is running out. Previously he had planned to play seven games to pay off debts, but the retirement statement Queshi all this put a question mark. I have no longer love boxing, and tell the truth since 1990 I have never liked it. I feel like 120 years old so I think I do not want to pursue victory. boxing has become increasingly distant from me, no fighting spirit can not continue the game.

Mike Tyson - Mike Tyson People affected Historically, Foreman or Tyson such a heavyweight boxer, sport is often a longer life. Lewis that horse big tall boxer, not easily be on hold. Tyson the most critical of that training, if he is lucky enough to find a good coach, together with his immediate conditions carefully develop a training program, Name some Bannian the Fengbi training, Jueduikeyi creating a board to re-boxing champion Mike Tyson throne. but to see his lawsuit with Don King can win, otherwise, this man of the present economic conditions could not afford a first-class coach.

from the current situation in boxing of view, seems to a transition period of the regime change. melee, experienced old boxer, should have an advantage. now really strong aspirations to the throne, only Lewis, Krichko brother, Tyson, Byrd and other number only the few people. Krichko brother is a typical European boxing style, with the year they are "bad boy" compared with Golota, and nothing special. For Tyson, they are absolutely no chance of winning, because they Tyson has not met with a similar opponent against Tyson had at least 10 and Clinton's brother Quanfeng similar opponents.

Lewis It looks very difficult to grow any further, he is going down. may be Tyson challenge before him, he has become a common people. The old Huo, Bird, Tony, Jones these people belong to the type of Hunshimowang they not stop Tyson from forging ahead. came from the 80's, Tyson, the old Howard and Lewis are the only remaining veteran. estimated that Tyson will stick to the end, after clearing away the mess of the last century, and then wait for the young people to boxing from the 20th century, the terminator of the hands, open a new century, the prelude to the real . Mike Tyson - Tyson and his daughter die photo of the two daughters. middle daughter had died of 艾克瑟德斯 Tyson is the former world heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson's year-old daughter Ai Kesedesi Tyson, before playing on a treadmill at home, the neck was hanging Shengsuo Le unfortunate to live, He died unfortunately died. 艾克瑟德斯 was one of the sports equipment in the yard next to play. She suddenly found in a console from the bicycle hanging rope, find it very interesting, then head down into the ropes. Who knows just when the rise of her play, slipped and the rope was tightened suddenly, and finally became a 'noose' the girl simply can not break free from the rope inside.

at 艾克瑟德斯 7-year-old brother is also a play room and found her sister around the neck rope set in immediately after the call came in the kitchen to do housework mother. Although 艾克瑟德斯 was immediately taken to hospital, but because of serious injuries, and died several hours later. Andy said, no doubt need to be investigated, it should be is an accident. time of the incident, Thailand Mori is training in Las Vegas and learned that her situation, he immediately returned to Phoenix, and rushed to the hospital the first time, hoping to save her daughter through the power of family. In a statement, Tyson 1 that we pray for children who have and those who support us to extend my deep and sincere gratitude, but in this difficult time, please let us quietly by myself.



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