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LQALAL2010-04-15 08:10:26 +0000 #1
want to find a training Dongwujiazi learning, guide us! ! !

Moral qualities do not come on the low! ! !

I sincerely ask for advice! ! !

Please heroes pointing! ! !
take blue eyes2010-04-15 08:15:14 +0000 #2
ha ha saw the young man is arrogant to say the real martial arts fighting is not in good shape became heroes after fooling around every day living in the bloody sweat of life really good shape who will not say how and how their own but keep an open mind studying martial arts in secret to become a real expert, not thugs, practicing martial arts is the need for good spiritual heart is not missing nothing but practice the laser Doppler effort is only required to have under the martial arts of Kung Fu I advise you to first leg Wei-Wei IMG move patients back to training too early martial artists there saying ah drop 10 will be called Yili is the insufficient strength will not do you start limbs and body strength running exercise Flexibility to start training it As for future goals according to your own abilities and interests and set the example, if you want to do the effort would focus on training legs legs itf taekwondo is a good choice, but What are you interested in training arm to arm the effort to practice very pictographic boxing Xingyiquan Pào hammer a lot of effort for a class to see you after the note is now the future development goals is needed to train their eyes to do nowadays limb flexibility and endurance enhancing physical fitness or training in what is in vain to say that hope can help on your busy
kungfuchen2010-04-15 08:46:05 +0000 #3
guide also mention, that, in this exchange it!

You want to ask Shane?



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