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Judo throw back grom ah ye

8679278292010-04-15 12:10:50 +0000 #1
I see other people fall back to after there is a mine Pixia, I would not, how going on ah?

I fell back to 9 a
a696998112010-04-15 12:18:37 +0000 #2
points back drop of no use, where to go Albordt stole, and stole the thunder qigong fall back, they will grom up.

Here stole process

22 to complete the task conditions of Albert Albert's condition is divided into 7 - 1 Albert 22 or more clearance of a City of the dark mysterious corridors, and to score more than SS. Holy Water * 10 Albert award conditions - 2 Albert 22 or more to Sailiyasuo to [royal wizard candy]. Conditions of award 100 gold Albert - 3 Sai Liya 22 to the sky above the city's underground city, from the human form teacher who collected 40 [Stigmata silk] to Sai Liya. Awards wooden tank sleeve cupping - Albert conditions jewelry * 3 - 4 more than the Sai Liya Sai Liya 22 production [royal wizard candy] to Albert. Conditions of award 100 gold Albert - 5 Albert 22 people for advice more than happy to Luo Lian method. Conditions of award 100 gold Albert - 6 Luo Lian collected more than 22 2 [big black crystal], [large white crystal], [red crystal], [big crystal blue] and 10 [colorless large crystal] to Luo Lian. (Roger can produce large crystals on the west coast) award gold bullion * 3 * 3 obsidian, black lotus Albert conditions * 3 - 7 more than the 22 Luo Lian [card-kun's love letter a copy] to Albert . Reward 100 gold coins (you can get to learn this task done skill) end ---

Where there is no transfer of these skills, learn where there are only a steal, that is, to find Albert
kxgr0072010-04-15 12:51:02 +0000 #3
find Alberta Special school stole skills

may have to do several tasks for him to learn the skills to find him inside

study qigong Thunder fall back on the line

generally not Qigong masters like if only the school level, a



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