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Muay Thai on the issues

lvbinze452010-04-15 14:11:17 +0000 #1
Can I have on who started training Muay Thai you? No professional equipment, how training
℡ █ Miss ℅2010-04-15 14:16:26 +0000 #2
Muay Thai very aggressive, can cause huge, but to practice every day, but not as compared with said the short-live what it's purely regional reasons, no equipment, tree, but it is on a few basic movements, and Mei Tian repeated Lian Xi
Xi Xi of the King2010-04-15 14:28:14 +0000 #3
Muay Thai is very important to have instructors and equipment are not very major.
rob Wang2010-04-15 15:09:22 +0000 #4
do not practice, and balls.Too too rigid, easy to handle the young, old and later on to die, people who practice Muay Thai is not longevity
non-fish is very salty D ·2010-04-15 15:20:35 +0000 #5
amateur if you can, but beware action, development effort must be standardized, not blindly practice, you can go look at the information it Baidu Muay Thai, ask how the training is entirely misleading

rob the king, many people have heard the legend of the Thai Life Lost, while learning Muay Thai generated fear. Muay Thai has no fewer than a dozen new people to see it issued in the paste to practice Muay Thai afraid of Life Lost your questions, in fact, these wrong ideas, some people are malicious defamation of Muay Thai speculation, and then repeated the baseless assertion fallacy. So the general right to enrich Citie friends together to address the new inner fears

Muay Thai - Thai boxing, with its streamlined Tough known to the world, many people there is only a vague idea of their only knew aggressive Muay Thai, which to cast a layer of Muay Thai veil of mystery makes life shortened, such as Muay Thai training errors like breeding. In fact, the simple moves to learn Muay Thai, learning Muay Thai is relatively simple, but this is only a form of learned Muay Thai, fighting alone, the quality of their own and learn a stage difficult to make a break through Muay Thai, and Muay Thai also can not play the real divinity. Muay Thai you want to really grasp the soul, then the addition to the system of learning technologies, but also need day after day, year after year of skill training as a foundation, because the skill achievements Muay Thai.

So many users think that is because the hands of super-strength training Muay Thai, it will reduce their life, but in fact not the case, when I slowly explained.

False one: hands up Muay Thai can live more than 30 years old

more than 30 years of age is the professional life of Muay Thai hand, refers to the 30-year-old boxer will retire, I do not know who is mass chaos, reached only later became a boxer life more than 30 years old. Muay Thai hand because the game around the age of gold age of 25, to 30 years old began to physical decline, other sports is the case, Olympic athletes have said more than 30 years old athlete

fallacy 2: Muay Thai high-intensity training will run out of lives

fighting, or sports, and basic needs to basic athletic ability, such as strength, speed, endurance, toughness, resistance to fight and so on, want to get these qualities are fighters or athletes training hard day come, if Muay Thai training that will be shortening his life difficult, then the marathon, soccer, basketball, gymnastics, swimming ... ... also need hard training, the same will be shortening his life. But why do people mention the marathon, soccer, basketball, gymnastics, swimming ... ... will be considered to be fit and healthy, but will be asked to Muay Thai day is a life shortened by it? Because do not understand Thai. In fact, scientific training Muay Thai, as the same, and daily exercise to keep fit. The daily sports scientific training, the same detriment to health. Thai people are not particularly short-lived.



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