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Please learn taekwondo entrants

Baiseyueguang2010-04-17 19:12:17 +0000 #1
sad day

I went to a holiday in taekwondo, was over. All my life I can not go there. "If you dare to step into that house opening step, you are waiting for."

February 27, 2010. I was admitted to a yellow belt. Pregnant with sorrow. Hi, hi, my yellow belt test was. Sad, sad I never learned. My family, no one to support me. My grandmother was also OK, 30 percent support rate. Others, by zero.

Today is the winter vacation I had finished the first day of school. I did not put on something to tell one of Taekwondo. I do not want me to share their grief.

Today after school, I took the bus and positive way home. "Auntie, you come over here!" I looked back and turned out to be the owner of Taekwondo classes. I wonder what he was looking for us? We went.

"Auntie, I heard that your husband is my brother's teacher ah! About this, to have knowledge of, and I let your granddaughter in the school two months free of charge here now!" I suddenly felt her eyes emit a beautiful. Feel legs felt weak. A little unsteady on. I heard it wrong! I ... ... I, I, I can learn ah! "This is not, while a 3:50 class, you let her and my daughter Yu Yang Bin it with class!" In desperation, the grandmother agreed. Let me here alone, for her to go home to get me uniforms. Really ah, really ah!

I went to class.

Home, because my grandmother back home uniforms when Grandpa would ask me where to go, and what went. Therefore, it is to conceal conceal. Sure enough ... ... Grandpa to go out. My grandmother first livelihood. I went on the homework. Grandpa came back with my parents and grandfather to eat. I worked hard in the cabin. Grandpa took what happened today gave said. I heard it distinctly in a small room. "Today, Rui-ming went to taekwondo section it! Is people go to the dead lift, and I heard that the two classes of people on it! A paragraph that we Rui-ming, one is that the children at home boss. What is said Yang Bin Yu ah! "" ah, is it? "I did not catch the rest. Later, my parents did not mention it.

Later, Grandpa said: "You always go to any Tae Kwon Do? People let you go ah go on you like this, not the whole!"

My vision blurred, eyes like a layer of fog and Mongolia, and I ran into my cabin, the door of a Chinese. Lie on the bed and cried, everyone knows, I cried for a year at least the number of people, I do not like to cry, do not like to watch people cry.

Today, a strong man to shed tears of sorrow.

Buddha Blue Dreams2010-04-17 19:15:48 +0000 #2
girls? -

With Taekwondo firm against domestic violence - psychological violence is not OK - hehe -

a joke -

tell you one thing it did

I University Taekwondo coach - in college student's body quality of each state's deteriorating basic seedling can not find a few good - so I think you're so fond of Taekwondo is a rare - so giving up is really quite a pity -

seniors almost a kind of paranoia on the junior teaching their spirit, their always think that kids are wrong, they were on their own that things are good for children, but children grow up will certainly appreciate them.

If you tell them to fight it, it is not good, and certainly not good at home too -

But if you put some facts before us, I think they should understand you more, for example, security is not good, school who was bullied so, if what they learn taekwondo on dares to bully, and then give counter-examples, so and so who was the boys overall, and cite are cases of so and so who bounce back, defended the dignity of girls and so on.

If you are not effective, then there are two roads -

hair roots of the hair directly out of a black belt level test certificate (16 years old can test a) to read

with them their showdown, the last school semester, (Of course then you can learn their secret - do not let them know on the line) and the University Examination Yuan point directly to communities - four years in college you learn enough of -

Rest assured, you will not miss the youth - up on things ---
night people make2010-04-17 19:53:38 +0000 #3
about the eyes in the old bar girl is not the martial arts, if it can not practice and practice the traditional martial arts, Tai Chi Han's, the elderly can easily accept the point of it, with the parents is not a good result against.
Fuji letter Che2010-04-17 20:19:52 +0000 #4
To refuel, ah, with his family and clearly better, which in turn is not a bad thing, why should we stop ah



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