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All Shaolin Kung Fu (to sub-categories) high marks

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the outset. To sub-categories. What boxing. Palm ...... a class of a class of writing. (Even plagiarized also sort out is the next sub-category) must be more. Good scores ah! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
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Shaolin Martial Arts now circulating mainly in the following routines:

1. Boxing:

Little Fist, Big Fist (3), Chaoyang boxing (4), tide boxing (1), Pao Quan (3), through arm boxing (3), Plum Flower, long hammer fist, Taejo changquan, Black Tiger Fist, Chase arm, Xinyi Quan (3), Luohan (54), mind the (10 two kinds of change).

Source is the source of martial arts. Shaolin martial arts school has Luohan, small Fist, Big Fist, old Fist, Five Shaolin boxing, War Fist, Zhaoyang Quan, comic boxing, boxing skill, tan legs, soft fist, Luhe boxing, boxing round function, internal strength boxing, Taejo changquan, artillery fist, lay in boxing, Shaolin Boxing, Clubs Quan, Tong Bei Quan, tide boxing, boxing Diamond, Seven Star Boxing, boxing training step, Drunken Eight Immortals, monkey boxing, Xinyi Quan, long hammer fist, Five Tigers Fist, tigers boxing, Black Tiger Fist, Chase arm, long Kanto boxing, sea dragon fist, turned child Quan, eagle boxing, body boxing, etc. flow.

On a triple boxing training boxing, biting hand Liuhe fist, open hand Liuhe boxing, boxing ears to Luhe, kicking Liuhe boxing, boxing cursory Luhe, 15 co-inside and outside cross guns, 24 guns, on the fist of Shaolin, a hundred and eight pairs of boxing, Chinese boxing sparring, then tan legs and so on.

Shaolin boxing vigorous send a strong, just have soft, plain, conducive to actual combat, close the mouths of non-fighting that is anti-trend trend, not showy. In practice Shaolin boxing, the free space is limited, the "punch wau-land" in that their style is mainly reflected a "hard" words, offensive and defensive, to attack the main. Quan Shi-emphasize the beauty of shape, so the only practical martial. Advance and retreat footwork flexible, agile, there is a line of boxing, said. And punching in the figure, the required means song without the music, straight and not straight, advance and retreat and out, all with ease. Step demands a solid and flexible, pay attention to visual eye law project, Shen Dan Tian luck to gas. Its action as fast as lightning, turn like wheels spin, stop, such as nail stand, jump and fly like light. Two groups divided North and South Shaolin Fist, Southern Pine punch, and the North sent heavy legs, each faction has a number of small sub-faction.

2. Cudgel:

single Panlong, double Panlong, monkey bars, wind, fire stick, Qimei Gun, Monkey monkey stick, Luhe wind Yasha stick, stick a small Yasha (Wǔ), large Yasha stick (Third Way), Yin hand stick, hand stick Luhe Yang, small plum stick, stick Yunyang, 18:00 Qimei Gun, mountains to stick, etc.. There Liuhe bar on training cudgel, stick row, wearing edge stick, broken stick 12 Road, sheep stick, stick on the sand six back row, middle row of sand stick, stick, etc. Xiasha row.

Shaolin school cudgel with monkey stick, wind, fire stick, Qimei Gun, a large pole, banner door sticks, small Yasha stick, big stick Yasha, Shaolin stick, stick a small plum, Yunyang stick, mountains to stick, yin hand stick, Yang hand stick, stick Shaolin Five Tiger capture the sheep stick and other competitions.

On training cudgel a row of stick, stick shuttle, Liuhe pole, breaking the stick 12 Road.

Stick to fight a large, sweeping away the body of a split focus. Wind up and kick into gear and training stick, lively rhythm, stick work-intensive, fast brave. It is not only physical health, but also to defeat the enemy, foreign aggression against the enemy in ages, the Shaolin club played an important role. 3. Spear:

13 guns, the 11 guns, six Road Hua Qiang, 31 storms Huaqiang, 18 guns, 27 guns, 36 guns, 84 guns, 10 gun rack, 6 gun situation, to impart gun Spectrum 30 6:00

Shaolin race gun technique on Lianqiang a gun on the gun, Luhe guns, 36 guns breaking method of training, and 21 guns on the thorns and so on.

Gun that the king of ancient weapons. Shaolin Shaolin school spear with guns, Fab Five guns, night shots, put oven gun, bar gun, Jinhua double tongue guns, Tam bar guns, 13 guns, 18 guns, 21 guns, 20 four guns, 27 guns, 31 storms Huaqiang, 36 guns, 48 guns, 84 guns, six guns potential, 10 frame, 6 Road Hua Qiang, secretary granted gun Spectrum 36 point, leopard Huaqiang so.

On Lianqiang surgery to have a gun on the gun, the pistol, battle guns, knives on the gun, Luhe guns, 36 guns breaking method of training, and 21 guns on the thorns and so on.

Shaolin spear with a verses is: "shenfa shows such as cats, bar gun, such as fighting the tiger, binding a line gun, guns out, such as archery, gun collection, such as strokes tiger, jumping steps, such as mountain climbing, pressure guns, such as by the tiger, pick Long guns such as stitching, two must be high to see, shenfa to nature, bar, take, Kang, point, collapse, select, allocate, all use the whole mystery. "4. sword:

Shaolin way machetes, knives Èr , Spring 24 knives, broadswords, long line of knife, wearing knife, Luhe knife, mountain knife, Shaolin pole, eight-way pole, six-way pole, plum broadswords, Taejo Wolong knife, knife marks the beginning of Shaolin Five Tigers, roll Church knives. Surgery on a knife on the knife Lian Dao, two co-pole, on the hack sword, single-pole knife into the pole Shaolin competition.

Knife is one of successive major weapons, including knives known as "the commander of 100 soldiers." "Knives such as the tiger, the gun like a dragon" sword drills one by one and should have a powerful, Lin Lie of the spirit.

Shaolin sword knife with spring and autumn, plum sword, broadswords Shaolin, Shaolin pole, fought knife, vertical flutter knife, snow knife, sword raised stove, hold on knives, mountains to knife, sword Shaolin way, Èr broadsword, broadswords Luhe, mountain knife, six road pole, eight-way pole, Taejo Wolong knives, horse doors broadswords, dovetail broadswords, plum double knife, to Church pole, roll hall knife, single-pole, long line of knives, knife, etc. Swift Shaolin Five Tigers. Show details for Lian Dao has knives on the knife surgery, two co-pole, single pole on the hack, the hack swords, broadswords, etc. into the pole. Characterized by the use of knives wrapped Chantou brain scan flip hack, stab stitch hanging clouds, bracket wipe pick and so on, and a single pole to see hands, knives look away, look at the top hand sword, hack, stitch, cut, stab like The Tigers said. 5. Swordsmanship:

2 swords, five swords, dragon sword, dragon sword, White Ape Sword, Liu Xuande two swords, Damo sword, sword, etc. Ti gowns. Sparring sword are two swords on the thorn, five swords of the thorns, barbed Shaolin Shaolin sword on sword contest.

Fencing strong and vigorous, beautiful, bold, far-reaching popular since ancient times.

Shaolin Bodhidharma sent fencing with swords, heaven and earth sword, chain sword, Tai-sword, two swords, five swords, dragon sword, dragon sword, White Ape Sword, Ti gowns sword, Liu Xuande two swords, sword Youth Action , Xing Long sword, two swords and other martial arts.

On the practice fencing with two swords, five swords of the spines on the gill and other Shaolin sword. Jianjue: "Dragon Sword is a sword, take the sword to level the good, gas line to be with the sword, his eyes Gu its tip, qi 2 foot stability, shenfa to be natural, such as swallows sword line, the sword down, such as stopping the wind, Highlights of income, such as swords, sword stab as nails. "6. other weapon categories:

3 stock fork, Fangbian Chan, sets of three-ring, Emei thorn, Yueya Chan, and Ji sickle, show ring, Fangtianhuaji, section whip , where took real knife, rope whip, tiger-head hook, sickle grass (grass sickle five together, Luhe war chain), plum cane, crutches Luhe, horse teeth puncture, turtle ring, Double mace, sun, moon and Spike heaven and earth ring, Buddhist monk's staff, big pike, wind wand, etc..

Shaolin martial arts equipment are long, short, hard, soft, with sharp, barbed, hook, with edge, diverse, there are 18 ancient weapons like the saying, is not easy to count nearly total. In addition to the knife, spear, sword, stick, there are three strands fork (also called the large Palladium South), Fangbian Chan, sets of three-ring, Emei Ci, Yueya Chan, and Ji sickle, show ring, Fangtianhuaji, dual vibratory hammer , ax, shocking!, three-section cudgel, stick shoots son, 7 whip, whip, whip, knife in took real, rope standard, Steller's double hook, sickle grass, "the five co-grass sickle, Luk Hop battle chain", Ji the first hook, plum cane, crutches Luhe, Maya stabbed, turtle ring, Double mace, sun, moon and Spike heaven and earth ring, Buddhist monk's staff, big pike, wind wand and shield, crossbow, etc.. 7. Apparatus and equipment on the training and equipment martial arts sparring routines are:

empty-handed wins knife, empty-handed and take their guns, empty-handed won the dagger, stick through the gun, grass sickle together guns, shoot children stick together guns, knives, guns, knives into gun, Qimei Gun gun together, single turn into shots, double turn into guns, kidnapper co Qimei Gun, Steller's hook into the gun, horse teeth needling combined with guns, turtle ring together guns, set guns ring together, Fang Pianchan together gun, Yueya Chan broken guns, section whip of the stick, Gangbian whip on the festival, co-guns crescent, crescent together Mace three-section cudgel into guns, Fangtianhuaji into the gun, 三英战吕布, seize empty-handed swords and guns, and Ji chain into the gun, three strands fork into the guns, knives seal gun, three-section cudgel broken guns, Emei pierce gun. 8. A variety of hard and soft skill training method:

dumping the bones, the capture method, acupuncture secret law, bunt practices, slingshot spectrum, Yi Jin Jing Yi, various drug law, where law and so on.

Sanda Shaolin martial school are: flash body to shift combat, mind the tiger rushed to, travel Tappi step Danfengzhaoyang, cross into chaos, Laojun hold gourd, eggplant fairy Abstract, Securinega steal peaches, behind cut melons, Black Tiger Closer, Laohou move sticks, gold wrapping method, the door rail fan, step aside guns, less gripping the gun a ghost.


Qigong Qigong is a large class of Shaolin Kung Fu, Shaolin Qigong has spread, "Yi Jin Jing", "small powers" and "stop static stance," "longevity Yin Law," "Hun Yuan Qigong one", etc. . 10, hard and soft martial

There are many hard and soft skill training method, there is dumping the bones, the capture method, acupuncture secret law, bunt technique, various drug law, where law



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