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Chen-style Tai Chi sword Daopu

return to the forest2010-04-17 23:11:26 +0000 #1
I'm looking for Chan-style Tai Chi sword Daopu
Town State army, division2010-04-17 23:17:51 +0000 #2
Chen Style Tai Chi sword

1, single-pole,

2 from the situation, protect heart knife 3, the water dragon 4, Kazamaki Her last request to 5, white clouds cover the top 6, Black Tiger Mountain Search 7, Su Bei Jian


9-foot stand, to avoid the wind roller 10, cut White Snake

11 days

12 sets of three-ring, Boyun Wangri 13, left aside to find grass snakes to 14, to find the right allocation of grass snake


16 Dragon water, Kazamaki Her last request to 17, goose 18 other gold wings, Yasha explore the sea to 19, turning left cut 20, right turn over cut to 21, the white snake's tongue 22, the arms hold on to 23, from the potential income potential

chest protector dragon of the water, cloud cover helmet

Kazamaki Her last request.

Search Jinji Li Shan Bei Jian,

windward roll closed cut snake.

Day set aside at the clouds and three-ring,

so call grass looking green plum. Her last request

Dragon water volume,

Yan Hai exploration of other gold wing cross.

About turning cutting strong enemy, gained

White Snake's tongue again.

Arms hold monthly income of blades, and

Chen knife 23 back only.
West on the eve of the King2010-04-17 23:37:11 +0000 #3
authentic estimate of esoteric, and unlikely to result in the Internet.



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