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40-style Tai Chi Double Fan Lotus formulas

Puerpuer2010-04-17 23:11:49 +0000 #1

sexymilk2010-04-17 23:24:46 +0000 #2
preparation style: (set-oriented due south) sword and precise, step left open.

From the situation: the hands flat to mention, right swing the sword, the small anti-mentioned steps, bending the elbow opening step, lunge before that, pull one knee raised sword, step through the cover, right after the Hua Hu, swivel opening step, lunge then the sword.

1, and further point of the sword: came up and step, my eyes, point the sword.

2, independent anti-puncture: further delay withdrawal of the sword, pick the small step sword, with one knee raised anti-stab. 3, servant sweeping the steps: Step off the level splitting, servants step sweep. 4, with the right level: the small-step canonical signed, a step to send the sword, bow flat belt. 5, the left flat belt: D Step canonical signed, a step to send the sword, bow flat belt. 6, the independent-lun hack: D step by the wrist, turn left lun sword, on the steps Ju Jian, mentioned below knee hack. 7, regression Withdrawing: backward to mention sword, virtual step Bao Jian. 8, independent on the thorn: right skip step, put lap puncture. 9, under virtual cut-off step: back off the steps, turn left and rocking, and walking virtual cut. 10, left lunge stab: withdrawal further improved the sword, turn right and rocking, small step Bao Jian, lunge flat stab.

11, turned stripe: recoil button feet, turn right canonical signed, seated, left to send the sword, swivel opening step, lunge stripe. 12, reduced body stripe: Knee canonical signed, withdraw further to send the sword, with a small step back.

13, and knee holding the sword: Step Right withdrawal sit empty step sub-sword, stepped before the half step, and knee holding the sword. 14, Jumps level thorn: Step canonical signed off, and holding a sword before the puncture, hop-step sub-sword, bow flat stab. 15, left empty step into the same boat: After get all steps, turn left around the sword, skip step right, step left empty tease.

16, right lunge stitch: turn right around the sword, skip step left, right lunge stitch. 17, turned Withdrawing: rear foot (net feet) canonical signed, turn left looking back, lunge level hack, recoil Choujian, virtual step before that.

18, and step-ping thorn: left front on the step, and step-ping stabbed.

19, left lunge block: write-foot recoil, right around the sword, step left open, left lunge block. 20, right lunge block: write recoil feet, turn left around the sword, turn right step to open, right lunge block.

21, left lunge block: recoil charge-foot, right around the sword, step left open, left lunge block. 22, progressive anti-stab: build step by the wrist, back behind the barbed, pick the sword on the steps, lunge anti-stab.

23, anti-body back to hack: recoil buckle legs, left to sit Ju Jian, turn right and take a big step, lunge back to hack.

24 Step point of virtual sword: Step around the arm collection, skip step Ju Jian, virtual step before the point.

25, independent Pinto: plug-step around the sword, right twist, independent Pinto.

26, lunge hanging hack: Step cover hanging sword on the steps Ju Jian, lunge level hack.

27, virtual step-lun hack: write right foot, turned around and lun sword, skip step Ju Jian, virtual step Downward Kick.

28, withdrew step counter: Knee Bao Jian, withdrawal step right, lunge oblique attack.

29, progressive flat stab: Hengjian mention legs, skip step Bao Jian, lunge flat stab. 30, D-step boot: recoil to mention the sword, the small step Bao Jian.

31, rotation level wipe: Step Hengjian place, wipe the sword deduction step, insert step right, step points of virtual sword.

32, lunge piercing: stepping a half step, lunge stand thorn.

Income potential: Turn right at the sword, turn left anti-mentioned, and step by means and precise reduction.



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