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How to teach Tae Kwon Do?

houyikun7772010-04-18 03:11:00 +0000 #1
I want to substitute, no start! Help wow -
Fashion Wardrobe 22010-04-18 03:26:41 +0000 #2
You have to know what level the students learn degrees, which is the best student in class training or boss;

If you are strong on theory and more about doing less, if you powerful model tries to dominate them to do first,

Level 1

taekwondo knowledge of etiquette, basic boxing footwork, Special Quality

taekwondo knowledge to understand the basic etiquette, have basic boxing footwork, flexibility and the development of specific forces such as quality and enhance interest in learning and good respect for others

Level 2

taekwondo knowledge of etiquette, Tai Chi chapter of basic movements, Special Quality

master Tai Chi chapter of movement and basic offensive and defensive actions, to own portfolio, the development of relevant special quality to cultivate good manners literacy and patriotism

Level 3

taekwondo knowledge of etiquette, basic movements Tai Chi Chapter II, a fixed target practice, the special quality of the

master Tai Chi Chapter II action, experience the action, the preliminary action with the self-assessment capabilities, the development of Related special quality, training quality, perfect personality, to foster patriotism

2, the development of relevant teaching programs in a timely manner of the teaching program number

is serious about the implementation and completion of the basis for teaching content, teaching according to the overall goal to develop. In the development of Taekwondo is not limited to the classroom on teaching and project development will be applied to the recess activities and style of study and cultural construction, and its established as one of school-based curriculum. (We have Tae Kwon Do instruction into the school curriculum, arrangements for 18 hours per semester).


taekwondo teaching steps in a technical movement of each is independent, with independent action specifications, features and combination of offensive and defensive law. Therefore, teaching Guocheng in order to raised by effective teaching must follow certain steps and rules, based on the action of the standard features, physical forms, Jin Gong usage and Combination Law, Zhu Buer Quanmian to grasp every Jishu action. From beginner to master the moves, it normally takes four steps:

1. To establish perceptual

First of all, the use of model images, images to make the students to get a feeling for movement, so that students have a basic impression of the brain, and know the action name.

2. Learning decomposition action

students have the impression, based on imitation and study the decomposition of action for each action, to understand the specifications and requirements for action by the decomposition of teachers teaching, to master every aspect of movement.

3. Full action

in the decomposition of movement has been mastered, the teachers have to spend a normal rhythm, speed and consistent completion of action, so that students can complete the actions required.

4. Strengthen the use of

After repeated practice, students master the moves to gradually consolidate. This phase of the exercise should have clear requirements. Taekwondo instruction in teaching methods are often used in the following categories:

(1) language learning method

explain to explain to vivid, concise, user-friendly, inspiring, keeping in mind the level and explain time. Generally explain the contents of the following:

① explain the name of action to explain the action name, you can put the name of martial arts action similar but different terms are compared, the name of action to enhance the understanding of the students to memorize and to expand knowledge cultivate interest.

② explain the method of action to explain the action of the starting point, line, hair force, power points.

③ use to explain action, a brief movement of the offensive and defensive role, stimulate interest and active classroom atmosphere.

④ explain the gist and main points of action, so that students easily accepted.

⑤ explain the rhythm of movement, action learning is not easy coherence, coordination, so pay attention to weight, same speed.

⑥ explain the action pitfalls.

⑦ explain the action of the practice methods.

(2) Password teaching, including teaching a password, a password and an indicative term password.

(3) direct methods, including demonstrations of teaching and electronic teaching.

(4) Full and Decentralized Approach.

(5) practice law, including personal training, group exercises and group exercises.
F3438562812010-04-18 03:58:54 +0000 #3
ask students chanting -
aifujunjiea12010-04-18 03:41:20 +0000 #4
jogging warm-up ..... after the first body flexibility exercise is the pressure bar ... ligament ......... if you have nothing to teach action on the review



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