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I want to buy the Bokken

alchemical gold2010-04-18 04:10:49 +0000 #1
can require substantial training to watch online from 30 to 70 yuan of all do not know what good
fzgglen2010-04-18 04:27:01 +0000 #2
of course, your good - looking wood - and some more expensive wood such as white oak, I had bought a 45 dollars, is solid wood - good quality - very solid, on training exercises do not know how long it play bad, you do not want to break easy
good technique person2010-04-18 04:47:22 +0000 #3
I also bought a two-edged wooden knife, but have not delivered the goods ... generally use white Jian Mu ... This wood is very hard, durable ... and then there is the ebony ... I bought a mountain oak ...



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