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If you raise interest in boxing?

8928030972010-04-18 07:12:14 +0000 #1
Basic I am a college student, this year's junior Suoxue boxing special is immediately concerned is a senior, I do not know how to raise interest in boxing, 得 graduate looking for work, not high-level cadres were afraid Zijixingqu not long.
kungfuchen2010-04-18 07:26:09 +0000 #2
interested in is your own thing, and

Marxist philosophy that "to rely on internal and external work," you probably are not high intrinsic interest in no way ah!

Can try lots of combat it, the moment when the others down are more pleasure, but that opportunity at home is less, unless it is through class when the race is too ruthless, but you are prone to being shot contempt, said than done ! More practice with your own, find a target, vowed before graduation than he, it would be a motive power it!
Noah's Ark 56782010-04-18 07:44:41 +0000 #3
Positive Solutions
Thrombe2010-04-18 08:30:59 +0000 #4
The Sister Study, the first year I, love martial arts fighting, especially boxing. See female students in boxing I admire. You must be a beauty, right? Younger brother of the first school to pay tribute!

My pre-university summer sports schools in the local science museum for some time boxing boxing, thank strict coach, but also thanks to my insistence, my own favorite things finally made gratifying progress.

I had always thought that the hard training is a pleasure, school life is a kind of torment. However, the boxing hall of a school of professional boxing buddy, said he felt this is the suffering, the opportunity, he would rather go to school!

Heard here, I was depressed. The head was being Xing I suddenly realized: if I fighting as professional, sooner or later will probably dislike. "When the professional will destroy the love interest," as Wang Lianhua said.

I am on an ordinary two, learn the professional boring, just look like I enjoyed. I often think, perhaps only fighting is my true love. With age, finally understand the true meaning of the teachings of his father since childhood: A life, many people love and means of livelihood can not be combined. People always want to eat (but not live to eat the purpose!!). And interest is not reluctant. Work, if not love, but also dedication. Even if is for us to pay a lot for the love of family.

Hope my answer will not break your heart. If you insist on changes in life, then I will express my highest respect, and wish you smooth sailing! Just do it!



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