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Poison small silent2010-04-18 10:10:31 +0000 #1
I help my brother find weapons in school, and I ask the general case, tuition fees plus living expenses plus the cost of other mess about how much money a year?
137990648462010-04-18 10:26:59 +0000 #2
1 general military boarding school with regular classes and regular class tuition classes

+ food allowance generally about the other operators in 7000-8000. 200-300

a monthly boarding fees + meals fee + fee + ... 13 000 pocket money laundry another operator ...

propose that you give your brother can get hold of ordinary, you can exercise at your life power!

And learn the same things! No need to carry out boarding boarding classes ...

2 15000 5000 regular class tuition cost of living more than 10,000 civil and military elite classes are alike 18000

martial arts so I do not have the same one I learned is that pure martial arts taught in 2004, when less than only a specific number of W-class 1000, but I do not remember the months of living expenses is 800 in the tower of the little ditch money card schools mainly do take care of themselves in school life is not for you I know how to coach in the school, see Students are too small to take their clothes to wash food dishwashing wash their food a day, some brush more than 15 went to school hungry and can not brush up to 15 supermarkets, no money was not wasted on random brush

School of the aristocratic class who have time to go, but I did not see that there is a small aristocratic class nanny to take care of your age as the

low cards entered, and brush a year full of money a lot of money! ! - In fact, there used to like a little every day, in addition to learning and training is also a time when I just went clothes shoes socks are the squad leader would not help me wash slowly like a
hold back Dian porphyrin cry2010-04-18 10:42:01 +0000 #3
10000 Three down



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