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Sanda professionals into Harbin

9315197662010-04-18 13:11:17 +0000 #1
My exam last year, defense and other aspects of police fighting skills to master is relatively small. Confined to boxing, etc. (Fire demobilization science less so) because of occupational specialty like Sanda introduced me to learn under their own conditions of

1 m tall, aged 23, 87, 167 pounds physical weight, but ligaments can be no open

Learning Sanda can learn What?
kungfuchen2010-04-18 13:26:00 +0000 #2
system well, age is relatively young, learning and consequently can learn!

Ligament is not a problem, since you have worked as hard on the rough soldiers are afraid it?

I suggest you only with the classification of electrical contacts inside the Hall of Fame look, he is a Xiangfang District Harbin, Sanda coach.
------------------------------------------------- -------

test Sanda police science course, and Sanda are boxing, foot law, wrestling, boxing, boxing only. Of course, is better suited to actual needs Sanda, and if the suspect to hold you, you can not be won, we must live up to the expectations of the people and tax money, ah! So you have to train hard, skillful we go!
Combat Sanda2010-04-18 13:43:59 +0000 #3
Sanshou, absolutely practical, you just 23, not pull bar dead, can learn the normal fight, school Sanda absolutely dominant!
Lightman192010-04-18 13:23:57 +0000 #4
recommendations Boxing Judo Canada.

Leg does not apply, because no way to control your opponents are very easy to escape, boxing and judo can directly arrest people.



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