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Red Cat Blue Rabbit Zhang Jian to survive on what is set to be the worship of heaven?

★ Asian Dream ●2010-04-18 13:11:28 +0000 #1

Bei according to children2010-04-18 13:20:39 +0000 #2

38, set mainly in the blue rabbit is crucified on the lens, 38, too, Some, but not a lot

38: =% BA% E7% C3% A8% D5% CC% BD% A3% D7% DF% CC% EC% D1 % C438 & ct = 301989888 & rn = 20 & pn = 0 & db = 0 & s = 0 & fbl = 1024

37. row altar

Saburo grasping blue rabbit, the worry will be health changes, and impact of their accession to the throne, then went to consult a large Lang, said that the Seven Chivalrous prison raids again, before the proposed execution should be sunset. Dairo acquiescence. Saburo memorial initiated immediately before the horn; irrational Doudou come to row the altar. 38. Last 7 worship

jumping here, because the cat's away Rainbow, Iron Rock Hill overall is a big sacrifice and white smart brains early breakthrough. Seeing all in vain, jumping and so he killed the family of one of his mouse, his mouse play ethnic mix. 39. Revenge

Rainbow Cat Rainbow Cat and Blue Rabbit see her lover has been pushed down the cliff, heartbroken heartbreak, heart pain to the extreme, in order to avenge the blue rabbit, angry cat to Dance of the rainbow used to the highest level cyclone, to accompany the Blue Under the Jiuquan rabbits together, while taking a violent Dan Dairo also to lance slight to the limit, the two sides at daggers drawn, seeing we must die, the key moment, blue rabbit arrived ... ...



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