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Ask a question martial arts.

Jianlp Shuang2010-04-18 15:10:02 +0000 #1
Personally like to see Kung Fu Sanda and foreign competition,

won the hearts straightforward, but sometimes feel a little fake to win.

If, like boxing as much as playing field, then shot himself estimated that they do not have toll.

Old feeling is physically well, played three games on the obviously worse. What is the problem?

There are so many martial art kung fu, such as Tai Chi. Scattered like to send?

Over and over again people say martial arts is also a martial arts from the inside out can not come out from the institute's powerful, is it?
sad i Angel2010-04-18 15:19:52 +0000 #2
Chinese martial arts and foreign war, competition in China are in accordance with Chinese rules, foreign rivals are disadvantaged, but also to China, what challenges are not expert, so obvious that we are powerful. If the other party in accordance with the rules, we may not win. and China players, fitness is not good, seen such a game against Japan, the Japanese players have been beaten, but did not feel anything, the Chinese athletes last physical have to die, by the side kick on the distance, close to hold up, the last despite win, but I have nothing to feel proud of (of course, playing the Japanese or the modern discovery of).

and traditional Chinese martial arts, such as your said Tai Chi, shaped Italy, octupole, etc. They are not the same as fighting to defeat the first purpose. pay attention to a mood of Chinese martial arts, the pursuit of unity and spirit, nature and man's realm, not combat . Therefore, we summarize some of the most simple, most effective, most direct De skills, which also is Sanda. Zheyangkanlai, martial arts out of the very Keneng Da Bu Guo Yuan out of body, or to see both sides of the end Dangran 实力.

United States The fighting, if that WWE, this is largely a performance show, show muscle men, sexy woman show. almost not real combat. But the United States is completely free to KO rivals fighting for the purpose. In addition to not hit as crotch hit those kinds of things, almost no rules, lying on the ground does not stop, use the sleep attack rival technology, very nice. than Japan's K-1 would also like to violence. But character, Europe and the United States focus on boxing, the Asian emphasis on legs and wrestling.

If fighting is like the landlord can go more in-depth understanding of the next. recommend a program <Fighting all the world>

at Youku can search, write two foreigners in countries around the world to learn the characteristics of fighting efforts, Chinese Shaolin, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai and so several of, I hope you like.

These are my personal experience has been entirely handmade. wanted to take
5326722872010-04-18 15:55:20 +0000 #3
Now martial arts are generally amateur ... ... The Sports School is a professional body ... ...

Asia sure enough other s good ... ... is the General Administration of Sport of Sanda ... ... not a random series of what martial art - United States of fighting? Is the UFC, right?

UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), the Chinese called the Ultimate Fighting Championship, is an integrated U.S. fighting (MMA) organization, the incumbent president is a white big to take (Dana White). Because of the octagonal venue in a mesh cage, so it is often called "cage fighting" and even "underground black boxing
West on the eve of the King2010-04-18 15:55:12 +0000 #4
A martial arts for many years if the constitution was not strong enough it is no match for the institute's students The. fitness is the primary basis of competitive sports.



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