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How to learn martial arts heart? I mean heart Oh

0pengwy02010-04-18 20:11:00 +0000 #1
I have studied Taekwondo for six months, has been interested in martial arts with the large, usually their intention to collect relevant information often like, but also more concerned about. Not received special training, but through the network and their own practice, wondering like it will be a Yizhaobanshi. I would like to know the block defense in actual combat role in the end is what? Can really close the mouths do not leak anti-live it?

I think martial arts is more important than technology, but a spiritual cultivation. So I think a thorough understanding of what the real use of martial arts and so-called "military ethics" actually mean? Our coaches have said to start ceremony, ending with ceremony, are merely had to endure self-denial, perseverance of the empty concept of it? Real martial arts person should do what in their daily lives? Although I am not Kazakhstan, but still want to know, to raise my own morality.

On the above two questions, please wrong way. I only just started this little brother, do not be too esoteric Kazakhstan

qian1594512010-04-18 20:13:20 +0000 #2
to ceremony beginning and ending with ceremony this shit Do not mind him want to learn martial arts you must first understand what is martial arts skills in martial arts is the power of speed (this is the basic three elements of martial arts, then of course there are many segments such as resistance and flexibility of course the most basic is this == 3 points) physical manifestations of a martial art called wushu specific expression is lethal (both speed and strength techniques Hen always, but while everyone is not about things like this also from each pair of martial arts of understanding and physical Jueding) a kind of martial arts Zhi Shi Ming Chen Dong Zuo's use only Zhezhong action by trying to achieve is that kills enemy Suoyi All can achieve these two objectives can be called martial arts action Morality? You and your enemies to talk Takenori Well? The first purpose of martial arts or hunting food kills you and your food to talk Takenori Well? Now regarded by many Chinese martial arts moves cause huge movement did away with the rest and fitness has more ability to watch went through, but there is not complete many have lethal moves Zhishi master taught more careful, but also depends on What kind of attitude you hold to the practice of cultivating martial arts training is a kind of heart is a kind of indomitable spirit of tolerance but it also depends on who the target indomitable perseverance thrives friendship and discussions for the unyielding hatred of non-major hate is not big traitor lackeys to their go beyond that call Germany enhance their own morality, or to learn a good

Confucius is not recommended to learn taekwondo personal things that is not good enough health to attack the Chinese martial arts pay attention to hitting them close fists first side to really play well from the ground force attack Taekwondo master leg action too fancy, but what is undeniable is that he did play hurt, but no matter what the powerful moves and also hit the first leg of the attacks were sharp anti- large, but also a large force from a leg defects do not accept, then we can not move off leg, then the speed is not enough, then that is a target of two doors martial arts stress is entirely hand-foot beat but not so with the Chinese martial arts have legs and knees lots of beat boxing Xia Sanlu arm when the hand capture palm fans pointing their step with leg disorder palm cover their eyes with one hand attack moves for each combination of the virtual moves is also changing during the three times (that can be said to understand, but typing thought the word out that you can understand their perception is also important to understand it) that these are the most basic purpose is to find defensive attack missed the opportunity to close the mouths are not hard to say I can not believe I just lost a long time will keep defensive attack is to create better conditions for attack is to remember that defense is an attack on defense can see how you use (assuming the opponents to attack you, you can use the fist leg to leg attacks on his opponent punches you can close defense As this is Why did not I say it) martial arts kung fu under the soles of the feet must have the I personally prefer to attack with the pace of defense If you can not rely on the flexibility to get away to avoid the attack looking for the opportunity to continue stormed the defense say it is the white point allows you to take a beating When can it rival his strong play right place to place to hide their vulnerability would not let him play (practice a heavy beating before you order to learn slowly beating Come)

This is just my point right not to understand that No study has opened up to those for the division history of Chinese martial arts for thousands of years the biggest drawback is the cheat codes of Jane if we abandon the bad habits out of this effort is not so simple in a dictionary word or two (not to bar children Shaolin Soccer Dream)
xiangge662962010-04-18 20:37:51 +0000 #3
drifting away -

"close the mouths do not leak anti-live", this you can try "impregnable" "cocoon" to

Takenori it can probably be understood as moral right
Nankai Masatake2010-04-18 21:07:35 +0000 #4
real Kung Fu, and ordinary people in everyday life is a man, and work to support families, but they spend more time than others in the practice martial arts, they love the activities and life outside fully involved them. This is the martial arts of the people.

De in front of everyone is the same, if not understand, then you can read "The Analects", "the moral" of the class book. "Morality" is a martial arts martial arts by people seeking to achieve the lofty realm of morality.

"Force" the real intention is to oppose the force, which can be seen literally, "martial" character is a "stop" words and a "ge" word form, its moral is to stop the war, "Martial Arts" in this sense is based on developed technology. It is the hope that people can live in peace, to stop the violence before they occur. Therefore, the basic martial arts person is good character of morality can not rely on military force to bully the weak.
L19871142010-04-18 20:59:53 +0000 #5
find a good teacher and perseverance not to give up enough, is how I learn.
Repair Buddha who universe2010-04-18 21:06:57 +0000 #6
martial arts of the most important of which is military ethics without virtue mood will certainly be even they will not end even if the practice is not good we are full of Chinese martial arts Chinese Confucian jen is probably do not know each other to death Some people think this is a coward is wrong movies that no one can ever blow of his military ethics, but let him that will endure forever as my generation of patriotic master Huo Yuan Jia and Ip can be counted is a martial arts As you say close the mouths of people do not leak it is not impossible but difficult without a dozen or two years of martial arts training is not out of heart, but if you work hard, then it ought likewise to another friends last wish Morality meaning of enlightenment inside you Yo Oh



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