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About wwe Bret Hart's return

1206509882010-04-18 23:11:23 +0000 #1
I saw a video Youku said that Bret Hart1

4 months did not broadcast back to wwe clips

is a lot of wwe players out to welcome Bret Hart's

I want to know why this did not broadcast how the story is true

so wwe boss deliberately deleting this fragment that Daohai reasonable

I saw that were previously performed in-line The

and some Hollywood directors in the wwe

Is there really some are not?


still can not figure out where a person just to see to know the answer

According to press said, Bret "Hitman "Hart's return long before down, Bret I also confirm that the" Montreal Incident "to forget, and WWE reconciled.

(PS: I remember the Montreal incident, Bret has said that will not return to WWE, unless HBK apologize to him, now looks like Bret HBK should privately apologized)

Since then promised not to pursue the betrayal of events , then as the year of the two main characters, Bret and Shawn (HBK) to be reconciled, of course, I believe they shook hands, embraced not merely a plot arrangement, but true.

What it is not contradictory Hollywood director is also the story

how realistic it is also something to do in the end


which is really what is false

laoziming122010-04-18 23:22:06 +0000 #2
wwe story was false, but a Bret Hart came out to welcome the public star is true, why not play it. Because then the live RAW show, only to see the scene. . .

I do not know remember the whole WWE RIC retired people are out for his farewell, with referees boss McMahon, UT came out. . . This is the WWE's live broadcasts, and on-site can see, wrestling online on-demand course not. .

There are Bret Hart RAW on the previous publicly called HBK came out and said clearly, Bret Hart has forgiven HBK had. HBK and Bret Hart to return to have good friends, this is real. . . .

WWE games are fake, there are many poor in the race seemingly in real life the players are very good friends, such as: UT. . Game looks terrible is not it a matter of fact he was very kind and friendly
520_liangjunxi2010-04-18 23:21:59 +0000 #3
This video is a live picture after, RAW in a DARK match will be broadcast before and after the races in, these are not live. You can see the end of each RAW is not complete. As for Montreal, in fact, more people HART said the incident was actually the plot, but not many people know.



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