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DNF Judo how to better link tossing and uppercut

eggkingegg2010-04-25 06:59:58 +0000 #1
I 52 judo, recently in love with PK, but there is a problem was about to ask of you master

we all know, judo tossing then uppercut then X before before before before X and then uppercut, but why I am more and more often then not, on throwing on the hooks, that is, immediately after the press Kamimagari throwing punches or not people can not afford to hook people, the more it makes me very boring, If the feeling is followed by throwing before last and then on hooks before the X better than before then, at least in the fight wallet, when light is

A master who gets advice please, thank you
jscxy19922010-04-25 07:15:27 +0000 #2
Your Yeah ... ... that 52 of the estimated running speed tasks are done, if there is such a fashion would be to: dumped up before a mandatory pre-x flew on hooks, of course, the need to chase a little wind.

If these conditions are not met, can be: on the throw, xx (faster), forced on the hooks.

I can be No. 50 on the first link, a No. 38 can only be used with the second. A weight like this is okay, but the uncle and the board a little trouble ... ... ... ...

In general, the direct hit is a hit not the ... ...
Corner ℃ no future2010-04-25 07:23:22 +0000 #3
move was not enough, in fact, do not directly with the bait, hit a hook under a lot easier
infinity232010-04-25 07:14:53 +0000 #4
you have to hit the bait



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