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1, in order to run a good 200 meters, usually how training? Which parts of the training?

Handsome guy Journey2010-02-01 06:01:09 +0000 #1

happy_feeling2010-02-01 06:13:04 +0000 #2
is the 200-meter shuttle run or something else?

Regardless of the kind of run to be physical, but to get up to strength training. This foot can be avoided when the oxygen ran, leading to channeling Road

If the shuttle run, then I can give you some suggestions

1. Will be the focus when the back ran down the center must be the best way is to stretch the right place at the return foot, left foot stretch where the starting point of arrival to avoid such a circular motion, if done well, saving 1.2 seconds is no problem

2. to do sit-ups also need to return at Yao Li

3. a rational allocation of physical fitness that is necessary to According to the terms of your own

In fact, the most important thing is to more training, the training time to concentrate on and go all out

results would certainly enhance the
SK emperor2010-02-01 06:39:57 +0000 #3
write all useless! Still have to own lots of practice! Really! I was doing a lot of practice to their own! Looking at non-practicing pseudo-handle and a spout!
z6512128382010-02-01 06:27:44 +0000 #4
200 Mi considered short distance, the explosive force needed Yigu enough, thigh, calf muscles more than the main practice, Dishuichuandan, frozen three feet and keep practicing, let alone after 200 meters 400 meters 800 meters will be strong and see you will Strong enough of.



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