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WWE25 VIP Rank

children's drunk Po2010-02-01 06:01:29 +0000 #1
need for detailed information and evidence, not to an arbitrary row of their own ideas
lovex882010-02-01 06:10:48 +0000 #2
WWE officially announced the latest one Power25 rankings. The following are the details of the rankings this week.

Yi Ji (Edge) Week Rank: 1 Rank last week: 3

Yi Ji world heavyweight champion after beating this week at the SmackDown show in the Extreme Rules it will face the opponent --- Jeff - Hardy, ranking rose from last week's third top.

Ray - Smith Trio (Rey Mysterio) Week Rank: 2 Last week, rating: 1

due to hit this week, SmackDown - Chris Jericho attacks can not play, leading to Jeff - Hardy, alone, had confront Yiji and Y2J 2 Owen, the mysterious man Raelian ranking slipped to second place seat.

Randy - Orton (Randy Orton) rankings this week: 3 Last week rank: 2

Since the last trial, since the contest ended, WWE Champion Randy - Orton is quite unfavorable, with his track this week, RAW five pairs of five World War II defeat, its ranking has dropped to third.

John - Ayrton Senna (John Cena) rankings this week: 4 Last week, rating: 6

because of Ayrton Senna in Monday and Thursday RAW show "WWE Superstar" program in a row to win, its rankings continue this upward trend, and surging .

Kristen (Christian) Week rank: 5 Last week, rating: 4

on Wednesday ECW show a double race, Christain partner with the Dream children miss-game lead, and his ranking this week, followed a slightly decline.

Jeff - Hardy (Jeff Hardy) rankings this week: 6 Last week rank: 5

over-confident harm to Jeff - Hardy. SmackDown this week, the venue for the "Rainbow Warrior" Yi Ji and Y2J duo face of this great move of care lead to lost come to grief.

MVP rankings this week: 7 Last week rank: 8

thanks to its RAW five pairs of five where the team won its battle on top, held up quite well, the National Championship MVP rankings this week, a slight increase.

Big Show Week rank: 8 rank last week: 7

"Big Brother show" Big Show this week, ranking declined because of his war in the RAW five pairs of five disputed loss in travel with the team.

Batista (Batista) rankings this week: 9 Last week, rating: 9

Beast Batista rankings this week and last week remain unchanged, for him, in the Extreme Match venue and WWE Champion Randy - Orton steel cage match showdown is more need to be considered a top priority.

CM Punk (CM Punk) Week rank: 10 Rank last week: 10

for several around the "Samoan Bulldozer" Wu Maga after the attacks, CM Punk this week, sounded the horn counter-offensive, in the Wu Maga with John - Morrison end of the race after his overthrow to the ground.

John - Morrison (John Morrison) rankings this week: 11 Last week rank: 12

Wu Maga because SmackDown programming and contest in the last laugh, "sexy witch doctor" John - Morrison continued this week, ranking an upward trend.

Cody - Rhodes and Ted - Dibiyazi (Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase) Week rank: 12 Rank last week: 11

the second-generation Corps (The Legacy) in Cody and Ted this week bad luck, not only in RAW Monday show five pairs of five lost on the battle, Ted - still Thursday Dibiyazi "WWE Superstar" program lost to John - Senna.

Jack - Phillip Swagel (Jack Swagger) this week ranking: 13 Last week rank: 16

As a former ECW champion, Jack - Phillip Swagel this week, give full play to its own level, in the ECW, and "WWE Superstar" program in successive victory.

Cariteau and Primo (Carlito & Primo) Week rank: 14 Rank last week: 15

in the Thursday "WWE Superstar" program, which Caron brothers played a role, together defeated the shell Burton - Benjamin and Charlie - Haas.

Matt - Hardy (Matt Hardy) Week rank: 15 Rank last week: 13

this week, RAW's battle in a three-race, Matt - Hardy match for Kofi - Kingston, ranking slide again.

Kofi - Kingston (Kofi Kingston) rankings this week: 16 Last week rank: 18

thanks to its RAW program three wars over race, William - Regal and Matt - Hardy and won the National Championship MVP challenges, opportunities, Jamaican Superstar Kofi - Kingston This Week rankings jump l 2.

Finley (Finlay) Week rank: 17 Rank last week: 14

Ireland veteran Finley came in sluggish state of weakness extravagant, seems to be running into big trouble, its ranking has also come down again and again.

Melina (Melina) Week rank: 18 Rank last week: 19

in the week SmackDown arena, long-sparse war to back the women's champion Melina and defeat Alicia Fox, her ranking slightly be raised.

Triple H Week rank: 19 Rank last week: 17

"King of Kings" HHH again this week, the absence of competition, if this trend continues, then perhaps he will soon say goodbye to Power25 list .

Wu Maga (Umaga) Week rank: 20 Rank last week: 20

Although Wu Maga SmackDown this week with John - Morrison lost on the game due to DQ, but the show is still fighting to make out a strong convince the people.

"Hart" group (Hart Dynasty) rankings this week: 21 Last week, rating: No chart

Kelly - Kelly (Kelly Kelly) rankings this week: 22 Last week, rating: 23

Maryse (Maryse ) rankings this week: 23 Last week rank: 24

Chris - Jericho (Chris Jericho) Week rank: 24 Last week, rating: No chart

Michelle - McCool (Michelle McCool) this week, Rank: 25 Last week rank: 24



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