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Sincerely to touch on the issue of Wing Chun

tailllll2010-02-01 06:01:36 +0000 #1
Wing Chun is usually two people's hands stopped boxing, so they took another idiomatic another hand, the Wing Chun stopped by the other side with two right hands, it is often marked with a few in each other's right hand dives, and then attack the center line. Is that how to play a few moves (moves too fast to see unclear!)? Will those few movements do? Then put forward a fundamental question, when you two hands are used to dealing with other people the right hand, then hit left-handed people empty out how do you do? Also, how can we use Wing Chun to contain live people, if someone swatting a pass, but soon, there's nothing boxing road to speak of, forcing you do not give you back the space, how should I do? Or someone just protective of their hands defense, block well, you must grasp in order to open his hand and attack his head and neck chest, how can I do? Do Wing Chun quickly able to resolve all? Speed and strength of the relationship between the F = ma
Linyi Wing Chun2010-02-01 06:13:56 +0000 #2
hit the right hand moves a lot, tell you to understand Wing Chun school finished.

This is the closure of several moves the hand.

You have two hands to attack others a hand, make a cheap enough? Left long been pulled behind him, and the farthest away from you, how to play you?

Wing Chun's insane hand can answer your question below, you'd better find a good point for the master to learn, Wing Chun is not to tell you.
Green eyes, Yin can be2010-02-01 06:19:39 +0000 #3
Wing Chun is a very scientific and artificial boxing. Its strength lies in burying the body fighting. It is quick and defensive boxing closely, horse flexible and on and off quickly, both offensive and defensive, and keep attacking the same period, pay attention to hardness with softness, gas and power consumption low.

Wing Chun on his theory, miscellaneous and, techniques such as creating a small idea, look for the bridge and standard means such as three glove and wooden men Tsubaki France. Sticky in order to better meet the training and practice double-take after the enemy's bridge hand feel and response. Wing Chun with a called "Jin-inch" of fat force method to attack and defense. Miscellaneous and aspects of the theory and focus on the center line, buried-heeled, North Korea face shape recovery, both about to leave to go get, walk away upwards, to the shortest distance and time to attack and defense.

The following are characteristics of the itemized statement of Wing Chun:

(a) theory, and miscellaneous and:

(1) the center line theory: the human head from the midline were to Tail (tail keel) of the line. Ruoqiang enemy lines to connect it into the center line into a plane. When used with (North Korea to recover surface shape) In our offense and defense are most favorable. On the offensive end that we meet along the midline (towards surface shape recovery) to attack the enemy center line, which is the shortest distance from the enemy; the same boxing speed punch hit the track recently, of course, faster. Moreover, if we ask the enemy's attack on the left or right, the person can easily shed us the game. But if we attack the enemy's center line, the other side is is difficult to unload power, and a heavier force. In the defense context, we observe the center line, with the (North Korea to recover surface shape), and along the midline plane in order to watershed approach to digestion, which is the shortest trip rail Consumer Law.

(2) North Korea to recover surface shape:

with each other face to face with North Korea are those for "the North Korea side." If it is not "working surface" (as the other party for the other direction) we recover the flat surface along the center line center line of the form look the other person is a "catch-shaped."

Wing Chun, when the enemy is positive as far as possible toward the enemy. Whether I go around the enemy in any direction we will move towards the enemy's face shape recovery. Its benefits are as follows:

① defensive areas: streamline the enemy came to attack us. Because the front of the attack, the enemy to attack us the way came to be limited to nine. 9 Lu person that is left, the left, the lower left, upper, middle, middle, the upper-right, right in the lower right. Therefore, we oncoming force against the enemy easier to fathom.

② attack areas: with the center line theory, we easily hit the target and the enemy force heavier.

③ shot fast and Shadow small: with both hands simultaneously to reach the enemy, so do not turn when the shoulder shot, the shot of the Shadow (aura) will be small and easily with each other both left and right hands.

(3) buried-heeled Theory: Wing Chun shot or defensive most of the hand-heeled close to the midline plane. The following benefits:

① clever aspect: You can grab the center line in order to attain the shortest distance and most of the attacks.

② Shou aspects: on the one hand buried heeled itself has a number of important parts of the body to protect the other, keep the center line in order to attain the shortest distance of the defense.

(4) The income-heeled Theory: Wing Chun shot (be it offensive or defensive), hands and arms are no longer Charge, hand-heeled buckling is a close-heeled. Besides being beneficial to their own hands, the same can be immediately re-attacks, the defense which made it difficult to take the enemy that we keep the joints and spaces will be closer.

(5) "to stay in to give a" miscellaneous and: "to leave" those who come to the right direction for the way I hit, we not only eliminate as much as possible outside the best of their retention in order to use hand-phase of the feeling of Wing Chun-qiao its control. "To send," who, when the enemy hit us strong, we use techniques to bring the attack to the direction of change, so that it can not be hit by attacks on us, if possible we should add strength along its potential to change the direction of post-delivery go, to make the enemy lose power, or moves with the old.

(6) "walk away straight into the" miscellaneous and: "walk away" have suddenly when the other side of the bridge connecting with my hands removed (whether to any aspects). Whenever the other side "walk away", we should move out of the first time made a direct attack on the enemy to succeed "straight into." "To left to send" and "walk away straight into the" miscellaneous and, from a sticky out of practice exercises.

(7) defensive attack over the same period: when we eliminate the other side of the attack, to the extent possible we should be headed towards the same period, fat strokes opponent, this will become active from a passive to achieve striking.

(8) other ancillary miscellaneous and:

① are, of course, "Guo cage" (excesses): Wing Chun consumption in order to be able to eliminate the other hand to hand and not more than defend the principle of the required range. The other hand, if impossible to hit us, and we do not need to use any consumer law. Needless to "Cross the cage" can reduce the strength and time consumption. After the counter-attack the enemy when consumers faster.

② not "chasing hands": "chasing hands" who left the defense to chase the required range to reach the other side the bridge hands. Wing Chun is longer than the bridge hand-feel and response after connecting. Therefore, Wing Chun can easily beginners subconsciously guilty of "chasing hand" error. If the enemy's bridge hand outside my scope of the defense, we do not chase to reach out to other bridge hands, contrary, they should take the opportunity to attack the enemy in order to attack the enemy. The other hand, if consumers use the bridge attack against us, we will contact each other to achieve the purpose of the bridge hand; it was "seeking bridge" one of the methods.

③ not "shower": Wing Chun shot (attack or defense), Bu-on and off and change the focus should be to maintain the principle. Try to reduce the opportunities for leveraging the other side to "lose shape." "Lose-shaped", that is to lose focus and can not maintain a state of equilibrium is also the enemy's.

④ the location of fat without the need for power: Wing Chun's "attack" and "defend" are mainly made to temper that can be made from any position of power principle. In other words, no matter where they have encountered hand-made powerless to eliminate each other's hand or to the other attacks without the need to hand back or have a position to help improve hair strength.

(B) "Jin-inch" is used for attack and defense of the impulsive Wing Chun, also known as "impeachment" or "short powerful": This is a brief and there is explosive and can be issued within a short distance in the lethal hit the enemy of the Omni. "Jin-inch" is a small idea, pulling Kong Quan and play sandbags and other exercises.

(3) sticky exercise: its purpose is:

(1) exercise with the enemy after the bridge hand contact feeling and response.

(2) exercise the manufacture and to find the enemy's gaps.

(3) The exercise of around both hands and one mind.

(4) miscellaneous and Wing Chun exercise, such as "to leave to go to send," "walk away straight into the," "Needless to over cage" and "not chasing hands" and so on.

(5) Exercise offensive and defensive tactics and combinations.

(6) The practice of the techniques and the Bu-tie.

Feeling whether one hand when the bridge connecting the two sides, the other side has flaws and gaps in the other direction and intensity of changes in how, as well as the other side of the attack and defense, there are no flaws and all other "information" experience. Wing Chun special emphasis on feelings and reactions. We believe that with the eyes of the response issued by absorption is a more hands-phase bridge after the feeling of the slow response. Because from the eye to see to the brain via nerves passing on, and then the brain was ordered to make appropriate responses. However, the bridge connecting the hand-feel responses Naishi take a shortcut through the spinal nerves issued, so the quicker in response. After proper training in hand-phase of the rear axle and the anti-sense it would have to reach.
zzlbj12010-02-01 07:23:26 +0000 #4



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