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How to stun the enemy

cups with ah _2010-02-01 06:01:54 +0000 #1
I see movies. Playing behind the neck can be beaten unconscious on what basis do .. .. If you can not please correct after telling other people can be knocked unconscious place
itiwly2010-02-01 06:04:21 +0000 #2 =% CA% B9% C3% FC% D5% D9% BB% BD & pn = 0

down to see
FerrariAurea2010-02-01 06:26:48 +0000 #3
Gansha you want? Robbery ah? I have copied someone else's best answer

on television, usually hitting the back of the neck part of the carotid sinus

common carotid artery and internal carotid artery end of the beginning of the enlargement of part of the

and the vagus nerve in the neck with the Traveling internal carotid artery and vein, carotid artery and the carotid sheath to form the side walk at the neck line.

It is that you can see, then blow on a few seconds, the main blood vessels supplying the brain, not the back, how will lead to brain ischemia ---

based on individual opinion, according to crack down on parts of view, and ischemia, and and so little to do with nerves.

But added that may be because someone's life within the hub of the medulla oblongata, such as the respiratory center and the heart center. Due to outside pressure, the medulla oblongata shock, leading to people's unconscious.

Of course, scientific proof has not been found, only personal conjecture, if the views, but also look each other Zhijiao ---
iceman60842010-02-01 06:33:09 +0000 #4
movie cut neck will stun the existence of people, but the reality of the forces should be more! And slash the site to take side on the back of the head bluntly, is the location! But it does not recommend that you do so, this would cause great harm to the party!



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