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How do I enjoy this?

Owlie2010-05-02 14:48:28 +0000 #1
My bike is 200 miles away, and it's gross enough here in Ohio that I couldn't ride even if it was here (it was 17 degrees today!). My university's cycling club holds spin sessions between November and April to fill in the gaps. I met them there to drop off a check for a jersey order this evening. They seem like a nice group of people. I was nervous about being the only woman there, and it looks like I won't be. (My university has a very, very skewed gender ratio.) I get to hang out with some different people. And hey, I can get myself into some kind of shape for when I can get back on the bike.

Here's the issue. I hate doing cardio activities at gyms. I'm seeing this as a lot like running on a treadmill--you're not going anywhere, and you're staring at a wall/mirror/other sweaty people. This doesn't really appeal to me. Anyone have any suggestions on getting over it?

I have one other question: What does one wear to these? I saw a mix of cycling clothes and regular workout clothes. I'm a little reluctant to show up in bike clothes on the grounds that those who do appear to be the racers...and male. I'd like to be comfortable, obviously, but I'm not sure I'm confident enough in my "game" to show up in a jersey and spandex.

Of course, parts of my brain are saying I'm silly to be worrying about such things...

ehirsch832010-05-02 14:54:54 +0000 #2
workout shirt(tshirt,tank top-whatever you wear to the gym)and bibs/shorts. (for the comfort of the padding on a seat).

Usually indoor spin classes are highly motivating b/c of the music and the other people surrounding you.

If you were solo on a trainer I would tell you to use good music, have a plan, and think of it as not only physical training but also mental training.
tulip2010-05-02 15:32:52 +0000 #3
You won't know unless you try it, so just try it. Wear cycling shorts and wicking t-shirt; a jersey isn't necessary. Cycling shoes with SPD cleats. I really enjoy spin classes, and it took me a long time to try it out. Too bad; I missed out on some good years of spinning.

I found that it really improved my outdoor riding when the weather improved. I was stronger than I had ever been at the beginning of the season.



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