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mickchick2010-05-02 10:01:56 +0000 #1
This is the second of three new Spinervals that I recently purchased.

Another Zone 3 workout, this one is 2 hours and 25+ minutes in duration and is not for the feint hearted. Focus is on cadence. This is from memory so please forgive any errors in recalling set specifics. The sets go as follows:

Typical Spinervals Warm Up to start;
20 minute steady state set during which you alternate between BCR15, SCR 15 and BCR13. There is no rhyme or reason when you change gears. Focus is on cadence.
2 Minutes Rest
15 x 1 minute, gear ranges from BCR 13 to BCR 17, 2 minutes rest between sets;
Repeat the 15 x 1 minute set;
2 minutes rest;
3x10 minutes--first set high cadence work moving from SCR15 to BCR 18 with a minute rest between reps. Two-minute rest, set two is lower cadence work, gears ranging BCR12-BCR 17 with 1 minute rest between sets; Two minute rest; third set is a mix of high/low cadence work with gears ranging between BCR14 and SCR15, 1 minute rest between sets;
2 minutes rest;
Final set is 6x5 minute build & decrease cadance sets (like a half pyramid, either climbing or decending it). Each set starts either at the high end (BCR23) or low end (BCR 13) and each minute, you shift either up or down, depending on the direction of the set. There is a minute rest between each five minute set. I enjoyed this one a lot. Admit that I did portions of some of the reps standing to mix it up. Troy does have you stand more in this workout but it's just the "stand to stretch your legs" type of thing.

Production quality is great and it was easy to ignore the music since it was at low volume. As expected, Troy talks a lot. This workout had a lot of participants, I think he said 80, and was shot in a Lifetime Fitness spin room. A lot of folks were on spin bikes and the cast was diverse.

Since I swam for more than 90 minutes yesterday, I worked at the lower end of my aerobic zone for this one and made it more of a recovery workout. Regardless, I still was feeling it at the end. I expect that when I do it at the Zone 3 level, it will be one of the tougher ones. This is a perfect workout for weekend cold winter mornings when snow either precludes safe outdooor riding or if you just can't bear the thought of freezing your toes/hands (which inevitably happens to endurance riders during the winter).

roadie gal2010-05-02 10:11:54 +0000 #2
Thanks again for the review.
Pedal Wench2010-05-02 10:42:29 +0000 #3
Great review -- might have to add this one - I look for the really long workouts.

Usually, you can go to the setup menu and choose to shut off the music entirely. I prefer my own.



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