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So proud - my first two spinning classes!

e.e.cummings2010-05-02 11:17:29 +0000 #1
After hearing about it enough, I tried spinning and I really like it! You can listen to people talk about it, but it is not quite the same until you experience it yourself. These are my reflections, maybe they will help someone who was in my shoes before trying it:

-I had two different leaders for the two classes, two totally different styles. One was a very fit guy who posted an elevation chart of "where" we would cycle - a cycling route in France, with descents, climbs, etc. He played great music - ended with Everybody Hurts by R.E.M. The second leader did not use an elevation, she relied more on some very recent music that got everyone going and it was very well timed. I was surprised at her apparent fitness level - she was more than a little overweight (I wondered if it was a beginners class), however, her cardiac ability was all there, she gave us a real workout. She had a lot of spirit.

-Some people in the class had bike shoes that went into the clips, some did not (like me). There were baskets on the pedals as well, which I used. I am contemplating whether I would be helped by the shoes. On the road, I do not use them yet, because sometimes I ride with my son who is 9 and he can be a bit unpredictable. The shoes will make it just that much trickier to stop quickly.

-On the first class, I showed up early to ask to the leader to show me how to adjust the bike and to explain how to adjust the tension of the bike.

-Boy some people really sweat in those classes! One guy not far from me literally had a pool under his bike. Personally I was sweating but I used my towel and wore one of those wicking type of shirts, I think it helped.

-My clubs card system is so far so good - I showed up a half hour before the class, got my card, did some weights, then went into class to warm up for 10 minutes before the start. For these classes I could have showed up last minute, there was still space. However, as the weather gets colder I am sure there will be more competition. But they are supposed to be adding classes come November.

-It is always tempting to look at the tension of the person next to you to see if you are actually understanding where you should be at, however, when starting, it is important to obey your limits. The first class I was easier on myself; but the second class I think I was doing much better and relative to those around me, I think I held my own.

-I wonder if I need a heart monitor. I see some with them. Is it necessary or just more gear? The gym sells Polar and I get a really good discount because of the program that I signed up for. I will not buy it just because of that, however, I have to admit, I tend to be a bit of a gear-junkie. But I do not want to waste money if in reality it will go on the shelf.

-All in all, a great experience, a fantastic workout. It was good, all-out workout that made me feel like I really exercised. I have been in other classes before that I felt a bit out of step in - aerobics, dance, etc. - but it is hard to wrong with spinning. Cannot wait to go back!

tulip2010-05-02 11:31:45 +0000 #2
That's awesome! I'm so glad you had a good time. Sounds like you have good instructors, too. I would find following a route through France to be very motivating.

I like heart rate monitors because I can tell what "zone" I'm in. I like knowing that I'm at 75% of max instead of just guessing. I left the "watch" part of my HR monitor on the bike a while back, however, so now I have to get a new one.
e.e.cummings2010-05-02 11:26:02 +0000 #3
I missed one thing in my comments - clothing: I wondered about clothing before I went in. I did not know whether people would be in their actual cycling clothes or just ordinary work out clothes. I wore ordinary yoga pants the first class (not to be too colourful but there was a swamp in my pants after that workout); I wore my cyling shorts the next class and I was much more comfortable. I see some people (men mainly) with big cotton t-shirts and they are soaked when they left. It is worth getting the 'wicking' type of material.

Re the heart monitor - what a drag to lose it on the bike! I saw a woman yesterday attach her heart monitor to her bike. It can be easy to forget. I am looking at the Polars. What type did you have, or will you get in the future, Tulip?



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