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JH-NV2010-05-02 15:12:27 +0000 #1
newbie here,

finished week 7 of spin classes, last 3 weeks 4x/week. I find the aero-bars uncomfortable. Instructor has been helpful with bike fit. I'm not sure if I am just that tight in my torso or what? Maybe this just takes time.
silver2010-05-02 15:21:06 +0000 #2

The bars on the spin bike are shaped somewhat like aerobars.

However, when I was taught to teach indoor cycling.....we were told that getting into an aero position was not important in an indoor class because you are not moving and therefore there is no beneift to being in the aero position.

Personally, I think that there is a benefit to being in the aero position indoors only if you are training your body to be more comfortable on aerobars outdoors.

So, I would recommend that you not bend down into the "aero" position. Place your hands lightly just to the sides on the stem.
JH-NV2010-05-02 15:48:00 +0000 #3
Thank you Silver.That is what I was thinking. I am not training at this point to purchase a bike with or adding aero bars. I am very happy spinning and riding my mtb. I have been reading all threads in regards to favorite bikes. I do want to participate in a women's only triathlon again, but I will continue to learn the basics of bike technology and terminology.



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