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RealRyder Spin Bikes (not spam)

Tuckervill2010-05-02 11:23:57 +0000 #1
Anyone tried these bikes before? My gym is thinking about getting some of these bikes. The guy doing the demo makes it look easy, but the demonstration in the gym with all the people--they don't look very comfortable on the bike, and it doesn't seem to lean as far as the demo.

I'm just curious if anyone has any opinions about these particular bikes. Do you think it really makes a difference that you can lean the bike for core strength, etc?

eta: Not to post a link, but the website is that name of the bike with a dot com behind it.

Zen2010-05-02 11:30:26 +0000 #2

spin bikes give a great aerobic workout

stability balls give a great core workout

This is just marketing hoopla, like trying to sell your brand of tissues by putting it in a colorful box.

I don't think it would be an effective core training method and may take away from the aerobic component.
Tuckervill2010-05-02 11:47:39 +0000 #3
That's what I think, too. Might make the spinning less monotonous, but I think it is not something that will build your core past a certain point.

Dogmama2010-05-02 12:15:52 +0000 #4
I looked at the website. I think the fact that the bike moves with you is a plus. However, the frame doesn't look big enough and I'd be fearful of having a heavy rider try to lean that bike & fall into the next rider. Also, doesn't the rider look like the pedals are too far apart? I got the impression of horseback riding. Maybe it's just me.
Dogmama2010-05-02 13:10:07 +0000 #5
One of my spin instructors has these bikes in her class. She said a woman fell off of the bike because the entire shoe/clip/cage dislodged, sending her flying. She said she's heard of similar instances where accidents have happened on these bikes.
Casey Harringto2010-05-02 13:18:06 +0000 #6
Hi, I noticed this thread and since I work for RealRyder I thought I could be of some help answering your concerns.

I understand that when a new and different product is developed it is often met with skepticism and caution. Let me assure you that our product was developed with safety and durability as our number one priority. Because of this our product has actually been overbuilt and can withstand forces exponentially higher than other indoor bikes. The fact that the bike moves side to side actually relieves stresses on the bike and our wider base and heavier steel frame insures safety when leaning to the side.

I am a large guy (6'6 275) and have often demonstrated the stability of the bike by standing on only one pedal, holding the handlebars, and throwing my weight all the way to the same side as the pedal I am standing on and holding that position and I have never been able to come close to tipping the bike.

Dogmama: I think your spin instructor must have our bike confused with another, because we have never heard of the situation described by your spin instructor. I am sure if a situation like this actually occurred we would be the first people to hear about it. Can you tell me which club this happenned in so that I could contact them? What your instructor described is highly unlikely because even if the shoe/clip/cage dislodged, the rider would still be straddling the seat and it would be virtually impossible to envision a scenario where a pedal breaking would cause someone to fall off the bike, let alone "fly" off the bike.

Tuckervill: The simple act of having to stabilize your body while exercising, does in fact engage your core. When riding the RealRyder it could not even be described as a subtle change from riding your standard spin bike. It is something you will feel immediately. Furthermore, every time I have demonstrated the bike as soon as I incorporate any of the workouts designed to target the core, the person immediately and noticeably feels the effects of the core exercise.

I hope my info helped answer some of the concerns that were voiced here. I will check on this thread and try and answer any follow up questions posted. I would encourage all of you to take the opportunity to try out the RealRyder if the opportunity arises, I think you will come away very impressed. We have received very positive responses from the vast majority of people who have tried the RealRyder, (as evidenced by the RealRyder recently being named the best indoor cycle on the market by an independent reviewer of fitness equipment, 'fitness professor review' whom you can google if you are interested) and I am very confident you would join our ever-growing list of RealRyder fans.

Thanks for taking the time to read my (long) post.

Casey Harrington




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