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Ironman crossover cycle

lisaike2010-05-02 13:51:38 +0000 #1
Has anyone used the Ironman crossover cycle for spinning? It looks exactly like the Lemond Revmaster, along with specifications.
Raindrop2010-05-02 13:59:33 +0000 #2
No. In fact I had to Google it to see what the specs were on it. It appears to have an unusally heavy flywheel (50lbs), which may make it feel different than many of the other lighter flywheel bikes out there.

In this last year I've started teaching at a club that uses the new Kieser M3 bikes and I have to say that they are my favorite of all time! I've taught on Star Track, Lemond, Body-bikes and Schwinn and all of them use a weighted flywheel. The Kieser M3 uses electro-magnetic resistance which means the cyclist needs to supply the inertia instead of having a heavy flywheel pull the pedals around. It's a much smoother ride and tends to eliminate much of the bouncing you see with new members in the classes.

The only thing I don't care for is the handlebar set up. As you adjust the handlebars upward, they also move away from the rider. This makes it difficult to adjust the bike for some riders.

The club I work at opted not to get the computers. That's another thing that I don't like....but what can you do?



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