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Review/Spinervals Mt. Lemmon Climb

Velobambina2010-05-02 16:18:21 +0000 #1
I got this new "virtual reality" Spinerval when it was released recently. Since we finally got some much-needed rain, precluding an enjoyable ride outside at o'dark hundred hours, I did this workout for the first time this morning.

In a word, TOUGH. About an hour and twenty-two minutes of climbing. For the most of the ride, you are in Big Ring-15 & BR13. The last bit is BR-12 (about 10 minutes straight). Lovely scenery. Makes me want to visit Tucson. You are to be at your TT pace the entire time, so you can imagine that this one is a challenge. This would be a good workout for anyone who is doing climbing events. As always, Coach Troy chatters the entire time, and this DVD has a music off option so you can groove to your own tunes. The tech quality of this one is better than the Lake Placid ride---I didn't notice any camera shaking. Maybe the roads are better out there?

The cooldown consisted of following Troy hauling it down Mt. Lemmon. I followed him, for about 5 minutes, in middle ring 15. Not sure but I think he went the whole way down....didn't stick around to see and there was no countdown clock.

There is another workout on this one--ride to Gates Pass and it runs just over an hour. I haven't tried it yet, but plan to do so soon (if the rain keeps up, I might do both the Mt. Lemmon and this Gates Pass on Saturday morning). It's described as a "varied workout for aerobic development and power building." More climbing. Doing these two together will be excellent training for hills and strength. Sounds like it would be a solid stand-alone workout, too. I'll write a review after I do this segment.

More rain expected thru Saturday noon, so I expect I'll be dusting off my extensive Spinerval library.



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