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Do you spin every day?

roguedog2010-05-02 18:12:20 +0000 #1
Question is triggered by someone saying that lots people rotate a high intensity workout with low intensity workout...

Is it bad to spin more often? Is there such a thing as a low intensity spin session?
Veronica2010-05-02 18:28:01 +0000 #2
When I'm seriously training (which I am again thanks to Jo) I plan on only one day off the bike per week.

My training schedule goes something like this:

Sat. - short - 2 hour ride, HR kept between 160 - 175 (178 is my lactate threshold) with burst above LT.

Sun. - long ride - 5+ hours, HR kept below 175, except for climbing

Mon. - recovery ride

Tues. - like Sat.

Wed. - recovery ride

Thurs - like Sat

Fri. - off

I prefer to do my recovery rides outside, rather than with Coach Troy. Even his recovery tapes tend to push my HR too high.

It's a rare week that I actually keep to this schedule in its entirety. Life tends to get in the way.

But adapting something like that to spin class could be easily done. It could be weird though if you're doing a recovery ride and the rest of the class is doing intervals.

Blueberry2010-05-02 18:53:17 +0000 #3
I could use some advice on this one. There isn't a ride outside that is "easy" for me. But I'm sick of the trainer.

What are you doing when you do a recovery ride? Riding in a flat area and spinning easy? For how long?

Sorry for the *very* basic questions, but I've not been able to puzzle my way through

Thanks for the sample schedule, V. It's very helpful!
Veronica2010-05-02 19:20:45 +0000 #4
My recovery ride depends on how I'm feeling. Sometimes I just ride and don't even look at my HR monitor. And it's just about enjoying the ride

Sometimes I'll set my HR monitor to beep at me if I go above 160. Keep in mind that when I quote HR numbers, it's based on my testing, and your numbers are going to be different.

Oh, I have no really flat areas, so I try to spin really easy up the hills. Today, I'll probably use Fluffy for my ride because he has a triple, thus lower gearing. Of course he also has a higher top end than my Legolas too!

equus1232010-05-02 19:48:35 +0000 #5

Originally Posted by roguedog

Question is triggered by someone saying that lots people rotate a high intensity workout with low intensity workout...

Is it bad to spin more often? Is there such a thing as a low intensity spin session?

Not exactly sure what your question is asking but I'll try and offer some advice. Do you mean training hard/intense mixed with lighter/recovery rides? (Not sure what you mean by "spin")

Here my $0.02 on the subject of training and order to increase performance you need to stress the body to the point where muscular, neurological, and physiological adaptations take place. When this occurs, in essence you "get better". These adaptations can usually only be caused from high intensity training. This could be short but hard intervals or longer intervals at or near threshold. (please note that even those these two types both promote adaptations, they induce different kinds of adaptations).

When you do interval training like this that forces the body to recover and rebuild itself then there needs to be ~48 hrs of recovery time between these kinds of training loads. In other words, it's okay to do every other day.

So what does that leave? Those kinds of workouts promote a better functional threshold (the limit at which you're maxing out your aerobic system; slightly under anaerobic). Other ways to become a better cyclist include leg speed training (e.g. sprinting), muscular endurance training (e.g. climbing), and overall endurance.

If you're doing threshold training every other day then that leaves the days in between to do other things like work on your endurance because "endurance rides" are generally zones 1-3 which means it's a pretty easy ride. They're also the longer rides in your training week. They can also act as a form of active recovery from your threshold training. Active recovery is important in that you're letting your body recover from the hard intensity intervals because you're keeping your endurance ride at a very low intensity while also working on accumulating your endurance (as I like to put it) or riding with high cadence to promote leg speed skills.

I think that's enough for now. Don't want to overload. Hopefully that helps answer your questions or confusion?



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