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Velobambina2010-05-02 16:27:41 +0000 #1
With black ice and icy patches all over the trail, I had to take my ride inside today. Gave me the opportunity to test out Ultra Conditioning Ultra Upper Body, a Spinerval release that I bought sometime before Xmas. This review is from memory, so please forgive any mistakes:

Starts out w/the typical Spinerval warm up.

Off the bike to do arm circles and "flicks" (jumping, switching your feet while criss crossing your arms)

On the floor for three tough sets of pushups, the middle of which is especially tough because Troy has you doing some isolations and slow ones.

Back on the bike--speed work (45? seconds in a super easy gear--7 or 8 sets). Your heart will be hammering.

Off the bike for shoulder work--lateral lifts into overhead presses (3 sets). Very very difficult. I ended up having to drop from 10lb d-bells to 8lbers, and I have pretty good shoulder strength--the endurance thing was the killer here.

Back on the bike--speed work (30 seconds in an easy gear--6 sets)

Off the bike for bicep curls into overhead tricep extensions (3 sets)

Back on the bike--power work (10 seconds hard in a tough gear--i think this was either 3 or 4 sets--my favorte on the bike set)

Off the bike for dumbell rows--3 sets.

Last set on the bike--tough--30 seconds speed work in a super easy gear, a few secs to shift, then 10 seconds hard in a super hard gear. 3 sets of this.

Last set on the floor--60 seconds pushups, 60 seconds rows, and finally, 60 seconds overhead presses. I could have done w/out Troy counting off the pushups that one of the athletes was doing because I wasn't going at that pace.

Back on the bike for a four-minute cool down.

Equipment needed: Mat (if not doing on carpet); exercise ball; a few different sets of dumbbells. I had 12s, 10s, and ended up having to get my 8s. Next time, I'll go to 15s for the rows. If you're going to wear cycling shoes, have sneakers handy because you might want to change into them.

Overall, it was a good workout. Pace was OK but if you want to go heavy with your dumbbells, you'd be smart to pause for a few extra minutes between sets. He gives you only 30 secs between sets for recovery. I expect to be sore tomorrow. My shoulders, in particular, felt fried at the end.

I did Hillacious before popping this one in the DVD player. I forgot just how much I love Hillacious---fun and tough. It was the perfect because all the speed work helped loosen up my legs from all that hill work!!



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