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butt workout

jackierose242010-05-02 18:12:57 +0000 #1
I have been spinning for about 6 months 3 times a week, previous to that I did various other workout routines, but spinning has seemed to work my butt muscles the best they are firmer and rounder, however a freind who spins with me said this means my bike is set up wrong and I should ONLY feel it in my thighs. We have been fighting back and forth and I have said spinning is the best all aroud leg workout from hip to butt-to hamstring-thight to calf. I am wonmdering if my bike is set up wrong or is anyone else feels it in their butt muscles? Please hekp us clear this up!!!
latelatebloomer2010-05-02 18:21:17 +0000 #2
I think that if you are shifting the work load, using different positions and higher resistance, you are definitely working your glutes, biceps femoris, etc. (That's the big leg muscle in the back - I'm married to a painter who teaches anatomy drawing - "Hey, honey, what's this part that's sore called?" That's your biceps femoris, it's looking great from all the cycling, by the way")

The day after a great strength-building spin class, I have a kind of good "burn" in all those butt/back of thigh muscles. It's a good question for your instructor, too. Maybe your friend needs to alter something in her workout. I see a number of people who attend class after class and never seem to touch the resistance knob (or break a sweat...)
CR4002010-05-02 19:01:33 +0000 #3
Even if riding around outside just like in spin class there are times you use alot of your glutes and times you use more quads. It deneds a lot on the type of pedaling you are doing, the amount of tension on the spin bike, and how you are standing or sitting. From what I have seen, heard, and felt spin classes are supposed to be a total lower body workout, in fact you even use some of your abdominal strength when using tension.

It also can be at a personal level in that you use more glutes in some classes where your friend is using more quads. Each body works to some extent differently so you may be super strong in glutes and use them to do most of your work, while your friends body focuses more on the quads and hamstrings.

Personally the only time I notice my glutes doing a lot of work and burning is on standing climbs under high tension (9-14 turns), climbing steep hills outside on my bike, or trying to maintain a really high speed outside.
CR4002010-05-02 18:50:52 +0000 #4
those are whole turns not half or quarter. Don't try it if you have bad knees or want to keep your good knees. But remember to use the tension that works for you durning class, after 6months of working out 8 full turns does not make a heavy climb, unless you are weak.



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