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Spinning marathon - finally

LauraPaura2010-05-02 17:08:45 +0000 #1
I am so happy my gym set up a date for the spinning marathon I've been waiting all winter. It's going to be on the 23rd of April, actually a day after my brothers wedding

I told him that he's lucky they're not on the same day so I can go to his wedding

Luckily he understands a bit of joking. This marathon means 2 hours and 45 minutes of intensive pedalling and after that some ab-workout

I'm really looking forward to this, better make sure I won't be ill!
VenusdeVelo2010-05-02 17:18:38 +0000 #2
Hey have fun! Those can be a lot of fun with good instructors, we used to trade off instructors for variety and mix, play heart rate games with the spinners and have fun on the short breaks as well by doing trivia and related things...hope you have a great time! (Um, I guess that means limited champagne at your brother's wedding! Well, for me it would else I would be GREEN in hour 2....)
LauraPaura2010-05-02 17:14:30 +0000 #3
We have an excellent instructor so I'm really looking forward to this I don't think we're getting off the bike at any point, just some recovery stuff on the bike.

This is my first one so I'll probably end up bringing way too much stuff with me anyway. I suppose a couple of energy bars and some energy drink would be enough? any suggestions?

I really need to take easy at the wedding, thank god it's not a big one, just basically our family gathering at the church. The bride is from Thailand so her parents wonä' be attending. They actually had a wedding in Thailand already with 130 guests

I don't know how my brother lived through it but I think he was very brave since he knew only about ten of those people
VenusdeVelo2010-05-02 18:29:05 +0000 #4
I don't like to eat much solid stuff during long rides like that where I have to keep my energy focused (ie, no 15 minute breaks off the bike). So I would also opt for easy to eat energy bars (maybe cut them in smaller pieces and put them in a small ziploc bag so you can eat pieces and not have to down the whole thing). And then maybe a 1-2 of gels if you just don't want any bar stuff. I'd suggest for your drinks at least 1 bottle with sports drink (cytomax, gatorade, any electrolyte replacement type, etc.) and the rest water (or whatever you typically drink)...if I were you I'd plan on bring 4 bottles total. Drop some ice cubes in them so they stay at least a little cooler (I like my drinks a little cooler if possible!). Don't think you'll eat all the food, but it's good to have a gel alternative when solid food looks unappealing. And towels to wipe up all that sweat!!

And lastly, make sure you have equipped your freezer w/your favorite ice cream so you can celebrate your accomplishment with a little treat later, you earned it
VenusdeVelo2010-05-02 18:08:43 +0000 #5
...and use a little chammy cream in those shorts...sitting without a lot of movement on the seat gets a little uncomfortable sometimes!



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