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A Game while on the Stationary Trainer

RoadRaven2010-05-02 20:16:20 +0000 #1
With my son's recent purchase of a flash new cycling comp, we found ourselves with one surplus...

So my partner popped it on the stationary trainer, magnet etc on the back wheel and now we can tell how far we have trained etc... (LOL, I can reach 38km/p/h in 5 seconds!!! If only the open road rides were like that!!!)

Anyway, a game which is interesting, challenging and fun though not much use for actual training is this...

Warm up slowly, and continue moving up into the biggest/highest gear.... and then, once there, pump your legs til you are spinning as fast as you can and see what your top speed is...

I can reach 78km per hour (nearly 49 miles?), but my two eldest sons hold the record in the house...

14 year old can get to 92km (57.5 miles?), and my nearly 16 year old gets to 99km, and faster, but the speedo stops at 99!!!

If you get a chance, its fun... gives you a chance to see what you could achieve with no wind/air resistance



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