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minor rant...

Irulan2010-05-02 22:35:09 +0000 #1
I've been enjoying classes for the most part BUT...

*Please don't play the music REALLY loud. It's not necessary.

*Can we tell you if your choices really stink? I'm pretty good about liking stuff but 15 mintues of Madonna followed by Dolly parton followed by disco (really) was terrible.

*don't sing along... save that for the shower.

/rant done now.

goddess12222010-05-02 22:46:52 +0000 #2
i think it is ok to mention that you dislike the music. generally, there will be other people who will speak up if you do. make suggestions, i even offerred to bring in some of my own cd's for my instructor to burn.
han-grrl2010-05-02 23:21:27 +0000 #3
Hey Guys

one of the most difficult things an instructor has to deal with is the music. We have to balance what we may find inspiring to teach to (although Dolly Parton isnt what i had in mind hahaha) as well as the likes and the dislikes of the class. I have 14 participants in one of my classes. I can't satisfy every one of their music tastes, but i do try to mix it up a little and hopefully everyone hears a little something that they enjoy.

Making suggestions is great but it is difficult to add songs to spin profiles sometimes. One of my participants made a great CD for me but unfortunately i couldn't really add in any of the songs except a few. Also keep in mind that it takes A LONG TIME to put a CD together. i download songs, sift through my boyfriends collection and carefully select songs to match a profile. This takes time and effort and i am only now getting used to not taking song complaints too personally. i know how much work i put into making the CD, and to be honest i think many participants don't realize that.

Just my two cents

Terry2010-05-02 23:30:59 +0000 #4
I'm an instructor and my people tell me if they like the music and they tell me if they don''s just as important/it's all good. As a "paying customer" you have the right to give your instructors feedback. If we didn't get feed back, we'd all still be doing Jane Fonda thigh-thingies and yelling "WOO!" spontaniously, as if that helps people get a better work out or something...I 've always hated "Woo-ing" so, you don't get to hear that in my class...

Also, I like when people bring me music, but, I also tell them that if it doesn't meet the class format, that I won't use it. If one of my students brought me something repugnant to my taste, I'd gracefully decline. To each her own....

I was in a spin class last week where the instructor did 20 minutes of "Journey" sucked, but other people were singing along. I and the guy next to me were talking and decided that we wanted to hear James Brown, so, when I'm certified, guess what? James Brown at the Appollo! Also, the "Blue Man Group" CD has no vocals and is all is paced well for riding.

Thanks for the "feed back".

annie2010-05-02 23:24:44 +0000 #5
After teaching spin for two winter seasons now, I have quite a bit of music built up. It's been interesting, and fun, finding out how much music is out there! I always tell the class to let me know if they really don't like any particular music, if it's too loud, too quiet. I believe the music can make or break the class. I also think it's important for the instructor to get into her/his music. That carries over to the riders. They can tell if you are excited about your music or not. If you are enthused about it, it helps the class motivation. I often tell them why I picked a particular song for a particular move. And sometimes they'll suggest music, which I will use if if works. I agree, that it takes a large amount of time to create a new CD, but I think it's worth it. I would rather choose my own music than buy someone else's choices.

Right now, I am just glad it's spring and outdoor riding is taking over from spinning!


-Get on your bikes and ride!-
VenusdeVelo2010-05-02 23:02:36 +0000 #6
I just received my certification and music is such an important piece I think to a successful class. And that include playing things maybe you as an instructor does not like, because your class does. And creativity is so important -- I have had instructors that just bring in a CD and play it...incredibly boring and the class does not flow.

So, tell your instructors you want them to put more thought into their music! It's part of good visualization and a good class.

If you are interested, also has forums, and there are music forums for instructors with good ideas, etc.
Irulan2010-05-02 23:18:47 +0000 #7
you won't catch me inside until fall but anyway..

"Venus de Velo" has got to be the most cool alias I've ever seen...I wish I'd thought of that.

spazzdog2010-05-02 23:25:51 +0000 #8
Music and spinning: gotta have it. BUT in gyms the decibel level is usually a cilia killer.

I spin (or spun) at home on my bike with my stereo. I drape a towel across my frame so the acid rain of my pharmaceutically enhanced sweat doesn't take the paint off, put on the old BOSE headphones (so as not to disturb the household) and I load the soundtrack from MATRIX (the 1st one) into the CD player. It works... thus I work. Also like to use Aerosmith, Van Halen and Lita Ford.

I love all kinds of music... somes good for dancin', smoochin' and conversin'. But Rock; hard rock is my workout stuff.

Whooops! Would you look at that... I put this in the wrong old thread. Sorry girls



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