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spinning vs trainer?

doctorfrau2010-05-02 19:28:02 +0000 #1
Caution!! Newbie Question Alert!!!!!

Please utilize your stupid question filters, for your own sanity!

What I need to know is, what is the difference between "spinning", and using one of the indoor set-ups with a "real" bike?

I also need to know if there are major issues I should watch out for if I decide to shop for a training set-up? I have seen things sort of like a treadmill w/rollers, and I have seen tripod-type set-ups, but I don't have a clue as to what is good or bad.

Thanks for your kind indulgence.
pedalfaster2010-05-02 19:32:53 +0000 #2
Basically, they are the same thing. Pedaling your bike inside and going nowhere fast

Usually when people say "spinning" I think of a class in a gym. Spin class is usually taught on stationary bikes with a free-wheel (like a track bike-you can't just *stop* pedaling). Resistance is set with a knob that applies more drag on the wheel. To me it doesn't "feel" as much like real riding as riding my bike on a trainer. On the plus side it is a good workout and having a class with other people seems to make the time pass more quickly.

Stationary trainers hold your back wheel stable. There are three basic types: wind, magnetic and fluid. If you search you will find other threads here discussing the pros and cons of each. The nice thing about a trainer is that you ride your own bike

YOu can also set it up at home and just hop on it "whenever" and don't need to find extra time to get to the gym. If you have problems getting motivated some bike shops in larger cities offer spin classes where riders bring their own bikes/trainer to the shop and sweat together.

Rollers (the "treadmill" you refer to) are great for technique and working on a nice smooth spin. I find that I do not get as great a cardio workouot on the rollers as I do on the trainer. If you want to try rollers, but are unstable, you can get a front-fork attachment that stablizes the front end.

NONE of these solutions are as nice as getting outside
grannydea2010-05-02 19:34:41 +0000 #3
None of them replaces a good workout outside but some times one can't go out.

That said, I have both a tranner and a roller. I personally like the roller better as I have a bad habit of getting into a mindless peddling thing with the tranner. Spin classes or LBS things are not an option for me because of location. I would think that a good spin class would be great if you have that option for keeping motivated. Reason I like the Roller better is that I have to keep my mind on what I am doing. I work on technique (blance peddle stroke ect.) more. But that is my personal opinion.

Hillhugger2010-05-02 20:32:32 +0000 #4
I find there is a difference between the spinbike and using your own bike on a trainer. The spinbike is very forgiving, so you might be tempted to neglect your form. On your own bike on the trainer, now that's a different story. I found that out, when I tried "standing" and "climbing" for the very first time.

Also, when you turn up the tension, it is easier to fine-tune it on your own bike than on the spinbike. We have about 10 spinbikes in our training facility and each single one feels differently. On one your have to turn the knob very much, on the next one hardly.

I prefer to use my own bike - never mind the saddle, which is much more comfortable.



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