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Feedback on Indoor Trainers

VenusdeVelo2010-05-02 19:48:26 +0000 #1
I'd like to see if anyone has some feedback on indoor trainers. Living in the midwest means cold weather...I do some weekend riding outdoors but that is it. I have 2 trainers and 1 will be going back -- 1.) the Cyclops Fluid2 and 2.) just bought a TACx Flow trainer (like a low end Computrainer) because once I tried it I decided to return the Cyclops.

Question I have is whether anyone has tried the fluid trainers v. the electronic trainers -- the elec trainers are just so much more smooth to me, and really simulate the road. The Cyclops to me was a bit jerky at times, adjusting the back wheel each time seems to take 3-4 tries. Plus, it is based on the fact it increases resistance as you pedal faster...which is not really the case when you are on the road. The TACx (or a Computrainer) seemed like I was really on my bike. I feel like I could control my training specific to what I wanted to do so much better. Price diff: TACx is about $120 more.

Any feedback out there on trainers? Does anyone have the Cyclops, had the same problems and got used to it?



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