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New spinning instructor

rdsd12282010-05-02 20:54:09 +0000 #1
I am a new spinning instructor and teach a strength ride and endurance ride. I hear conflicting information about how each should be taught. Does anyone have any input? Also, does anyone have any suggestions regarding cycling shoes? Thanks!
Irulan2010-05-02 20:58:28 +0000 #2
for shoes, I would spend a little more and get ones with a rigid sole, not the "sneakers with cleats" type. The foot gets less tired with a rigid sole, and you have better transferrence of energy to the pedal.

I'm just a participant, not a teacher so the only advice I can give you is to have really good music... no disco or pop and please do not sing along.'

goddess12222010-05-02 21:20:42 +0000 #3
i second Irulan. music is key. it can make or break a ride. and she is right about no pop music.

i purchased road shoes so i could go clipless in class. it didn't work for me because i had one cleat i couldn't get lined up perfectly, and it messed with my knee. since my road shoes are Looks, and the spin bikes are SPD's, i think my knees didn't like being locked in with no float.

if you do get cycling shoes, i agree with Irulan about getting road shoes with a rigid sole. BUT, MAKE SURE THE CLEATS ARE LINED UP PROPERLY. i had a hard time only because i can't take the spin bike down to the lbs and have them do it. you may want to ask another participant in your class who already has clipless to help you out. otherwise, check out "zinn and the art of road bike maintenance." he gives a great explanation on how to begin cleat line up.
han-grrl2010-05-02 21:41:39 +0000 #4
Hi there

i started teaching back in november. recently i tried to focus on being more mad dog specific with my teaching. it actually worked well.

for endurance, the ride is a seated flat with an occasional 30 second running flat. Have your spinners focus on their pedal stroke. break apart each quarter of the stroke, have them feel their legs do each part, you can spend a good chunk of class doing that. i also make them play with their heart rate, try to drop it by a few beats, maintain and bring it up. all hovering around 75% of their MHR. i also play with cadences (80-110 RPM) making sure their heart rates don't change.

as for strength, lots of climbing, don't grind, use the cadences suggested by mad dog. keep the music upbeat but sometimes its hard to please everyone. don't take that personally. i have half my class loving my music the other class hating it, then when i switch the music can you guess what happens hahaha.

good luck and have fun!

RoxGirl772010-05-02 22:40:40 +0000 #5

Just thought I'd add my thoughts on this since I love to help out new instructors.

I am a Canadian spin instructor, and up here (well, in my parts anyways) the clubs here don't conform to any guidelines (Madd Dog or otherwise) unless you are teaching RPM which is a BTS class. (BodyPUMP, BodySTEP, BodyFLOW, etcc.)

I teach an endurance type class with less resistance and more speed. Lots of sprint drills and extended tracks (8-10 minutes no breaks!) The members love the long haul!

And strength classes, well, I do isolation work. More tension, slower leg speed, really focussing on each leg movement and ensure there is enough tension on the bike to challenge your muscles.

Oh yes, and MUSIC IS KEY! I am a huge fan of the more dancy, techno feel music that's out these days, and I always get compliments that it created a really awesome riding atmosphere.

I have song names and artists if you are interested! LMK

Hope that was useful!
annie2010-05-02 23:00:00 +0000 #6

I would love to see a list of your songs that you use for spin classes. I have been teaching spin (or indoor cycling, as we call it since we don't have all certified instructors) for over a year now and am starting up again now that autumn is here. I try and find new music to motivate me and my classes, but could sure use some help! Feel free to e-mail me, if you would. I'd be glad to share songs that I use, also.
RoxGirl772010-05-02 23:01:45 +0000 #7

check you inbox. I just sent you a pm.




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